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Ford Bronco Owner Wrecks Rear End After Getting Stuck: Video

While the sixth-generation Ford Bronco is a highly capable vehicle off-road, like anything else in life, it can only compensate for its driver’s lack of ability – and common sense – to a certain extent. We’ve seen this time and time again in recent years, with a number of newer Broncos getting stuck in precarious situations not because of its inability to do anything, but rather, sheer stupidity. And that’s precisely what happened to this poor Ford Bronco recently, prompting the folks at Bent Off-Road Recovery to head out and save the SUV from its owner’s bad decisions.

Ford Bronco Off-Road Rear End Wreck - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

According to the rescue crew, they received a call requesting help after the owner of this Ford Bronco got stuck at Five Mile Pass near Eagle Mountain, Utah, while out doing some off-roading in the snow. The owner apparently got stuck while attempting to crawl over a snow drift and wound up sitting there, wheels in the air, unable to go anywhere. However, given the tough winter conditions, rescuing it wasn’t exactly an easy task.

Ford Bronco Off-Road Rear End Wreck - Exterior 003 - Rear

Pulling the SUV straight ahead just results in spinning tires, so the team tries to free it at an angle, which actually works. From there, it’s all about getting the Bronco away from the deeper snow that it got stuck in the first go-round, and the rescue team gives the owner clear instructions on how to do precisely that by going slow the entire time. Unfortunately, he doesn’t listen to that wise advice, and instead sends it too hard over a sharp dip, causing the rear glass to shatter.

That wasn’t the worst thing that happened, however, as the spare tire hit the ground, bending the mount and the tailgate in the process, ending this particular off-road outing a bit prematurely. However, it’s also a great reminder that just because a vehicle is off-road-capable, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible – or immune to bad decisions.

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  1. David Alan Murray

    No tire chains on rescue vehicle ??? Retraining dudes.

    When doing this in these conditions both vehicles should have Pewag cleated tire chains on all wheels.

  2. Bronco Billy

    Off road drivers should avoid the natural inclination to gun the accelerator to get through terrain obstacles because they often subject their vehicles to extreme forces. I recall seeing a guy from the Eville Truck YouTube channel hit a deep mud hole in his modified Bronco at relatively high speed and do significant damage to the front end of his drivetrain. His Bronco basically went from x (maybe 20?) mph to 0 mph over an extremely short distance. It’s best to ease the vehicle into and over such hazardous obstacles.

  3. tratios

    The first sentence made me laugh…the new Bronco is not an off road vehicle, it’s barely even a parking lot queen. If they wanted it to be an off road vehicle they could have but just slapping the name on trim package is not the same.


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