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Ford Capri May Return To Europe As Explorer EV Sibling

Ford plans to launch seven new all-electric models in Europe by 2024, with its entire passenger vehicle lineup set to transition to EVs by 2030. Two of those models – the recently-revealed all-electric Ford Explorer and an as-yet unrevealed sibling – ride on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, with a host of new Transit EV models set to join them, along with a Puma EV. Giving the new model the Explorer name makes sense in that the automaker intends to focus on electrifying its “icons” and commercial vehicles, and now, it seems as if another blast from the past – the Ford Capri – could also be making a comeback as the sibling to the Explorer EV, according to The Sun.

The Ford Capri certainly fits the bill as a Blue Oval icon, having spent decades as Europe’s version of the Ford Mustang, with nearly two million units sold over that timespan. Back in late 2019, Ford Europe design head Amko Leenarts admitted that the Ford Capri could be brought back in some way, shape, or form, and in December 2021, the automaker filed to trademark “Capri” in Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union, too.

According to this new report, the Capri name will indeed make a comeback as the mysterious Explorer EV’s counterpart, which makes quite a bit of sense given the automaker’s current strategy and the appeal of that particular nameplate. The Capri EV will reportedly cost around £40,000 ($49k USD), offer up to 310 miles of charge, and do 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, with 300 horsepower coming from its electric motor(s).

Additionally, the Capri EV will apparently sport quad headlights – just like the original – as well as be offered in rear-wheel drive configuration. The interior would be far more luxurious than its predecessor, however, with massaging seats, wireless phone charging, and a 15-inch infotainment screen. For now, however, FoMoCo remains mum on this possibility. “We don”t speculate on future product but Ford is on a mission to make electric iconic,” a spokesperson told The Sun.

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  1. JE

    And I hope Ford doesn’t commit the atrocity, like they did with the Mach-e, of converting it into another SUV, crossover or high vehicle. Bring it back as an EV sports coupe like it always have been.

    1. Lealand

      The EV Mustang coupe is coming, the Mach-E was a pretty smart gamble of Ford’s part mostly by attaching the vehicle to the Mustang brand it keeps causing a stir. It sells well enough and I’m sure part of the attraction for owners is that the Mach-E just pisses off the purists despite the fact that people can go right down to Ford and still get the ICE coupe and will be able to get the ICE coupe until at least 2029 when its slated for retirement and the EV coupe most likely sharing an updated (GE2?) platform with the Mach-E since they are fairly similar in overall size except for ride and roof height and wheelbase otherwise the footprint is nearly the same with the coupe being a tad wider in the hips.

  2. Lealand

    This is going to be interesting, MEB is flexible enough to both CUVs and something decidedly more sedan like on the same platform but I suppose the Exploder association almost guarantees people will assume its another CUV trying to cash in on a popular sedan name. The Maverick worked in part because the car was somewhat obscure to modern audiences where the Capri isn’t.

  3. Mike says...

    The Capri was my favorite small coupe as a kid.
    As a car, it will likely not translate into a modern build which is too bad.
    It will be interesting to see if it becomes a Europe only product as I don’t see it fitting into North American tastes or wants at this time.
    Just dreaming of a Acura Integra Type S competitor, or Audi A4 would be fantastic.
    Something I might actually buy even in full BEV trim.

  4. Hank

    Also can’t wait to see how bad the Thunderbird SUV comes out looking.


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