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Ford Dealer Sued Over Alleged $40,000 Super Duty Markup

In a world where tensions are somewhat high due to the fact that new vehicle inventory is low and demand is strong, more than one Ford dealer has faced some sort of legal problem in recent months. However, while some dealers are slapping markups on vehicles and manipulating both the reservation and allocation processes, at least most are up front about their less-than-savory activities, at least in terms of adding some sort of premium onto the sticker prices of new vehicles. That allegedly wasn’t the case with Mark Ficken Ford in Charlotte, North Carolina, however, which reportedly engaged in some seriously shady tactics when selling a Super Duty to a customer named Alex Gallardo recently, according to WSOC-TV.

Gallardo and his wife decided to purchase the Ford Super Duty from the dealership, and as is typically always the case, signed the paperwork required to do so. However, strangely enough, the dealership reportedly didn’t give them copies of that paperwork, at least until several days later. Upon reviewing those documents, Gallardo made a handful of shocking discoveries.

For starters, the sales price listed for the truck was a whopping $117,000 – which is $43,000 more than the $74,000 that Gallardo and his wife initially agreed to pay. Making matters worse, the listed annual percentage rate (APR) on their loan was much higher as well, and the dealer added on a host of extras that led to that substantial price increase, such as GAP insurance, that the Gallardos claim they didn’t agree to purchase, while both he and his wife’s signature were apparently forged on those documents.

As one might imagine, Gallardo immediately contacted the dealer, which merely agreed to buy the truck back from him, a development that understandably didn’t settle well with him. “All that time would’ve just been wasted,” he said. “All that time invested into looking for a vehicle, going to the dealership, taking time off work; so, what they were offering wasn’t a real solution for both parties involved. (It) left us no choice but to seek legal counsel.”

For now, the dealership is refusing to comment on the matter, citing the pending litigation, but it’s certainly an alarming development, as well as an important reminder for anyone purchasing a vehicle from a dealer – be sure and read over terms carefully, and take home a copy of that paperwork when it’s completed.

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  1. K MacGoo

    My first new vehicle purchase of a 89’ F150 back in 1989 was similar . Once I received the payment book I realized the payment was higher than my paperwork stated. Long story short after threatening to alert the State of Maryland AG they cancel the forged and falsified contract and re wrote and refinanced at the original figures. In addition I won’t go into the horror show I had on vacation 30 plus years later having my 2019 F250 service at the same Dealer in Annapolis Md. Both Ford and the Sates these problem dealers preside in need to start speak soft and clear but start using a BIG STICK to make them fall in legal line!

  2. Jay Jay

    I’ve always had documents in hand when I left the dealership with my new vehicle. That they didn’t provide copies, whether digital or paper, would have been a huge red flag right then and there.

    1. Davido50

      Exactly 💯.

  3. Michael J Genzale

    How can someone sign all the purchase documents a not know what they are signing and b, not have a copy,c,financed signed loan agreement not knowing the rate or questioning a payment that had a principle $40,000 higher than the intended purchase price????

    1. Bill

      The lawsuit claims their signatures were forged.

  4. EB1959

    When we ordered our 2022 XLT SD dully diesel, it was 67,800 in Oct 2021. While waiting for it to by built, we got our first window sticker. The price on it went up to 73,000 which concerned us. When it got delivered, we went in to finalize things, and the dealer said the price will be what you ordered it for, $67,800. No extras, no mark up.

    1. Davido50

      Nice 👍🏻.

  5. Bill

    This dealer needs to lose allocations over this. Unreal.

    1. RWFA

      At minimum. I would think the franchise agreement has covenant clauses that allow for revocation in the event of crime.

  6. Charles & Nancy Mozingo

    I get the Ford Authority every day, I look at all the Cars & Comments. This one caught my eye about overpayment. My wife & I purchased a 2019 Ranger Lariat, in May 2020 from FELIX SABATES FORD, Felix Sabates Ford has sin ce sold the DEALERSHIP TO MARK FICKLEN FORD, How about that coincidence. We never had any problems with SABATES FORD., however FICKLEN FORD has been trying to entice us to get a 2023 Ranger, at the same payments & Etc. NO NO NO. iM satisfied with my 2019 Ranger, it only has 6500 miles on it.

  7. Stanley Carbett

    Ford Authority now is flashing ads that stay on the screen until you delete them only to have another appear in 10 seconds. This is crap. Shame on Ford.

    1. blksn8k

      I find it amazing that readers still assume this website is part of Ford Motor Co. If you go to the Ford Authority home page you will see a notice stating the following:

      “Please note that Ford Authority is a product of Motrolix LLC and is not sponsored, owned, or in any other way condoned by Ford Motor Company, its brands, subsidiaries, or partners.”

      You’re welcome.

      1. Davido50

        I said same thing. Unreal. Lol

    2. Davido50

      Ford Authority isn’t run by Ford Motor Co. Lolololol.

  8. Johnny

    Well I have found that all ford dealership are crooked you have lake Keowee ford in senaca sc one of the biggest rip off artists in upstate sc they mark um up 20 to 30 thousand over msrp and low ball you on your trade stay far away from theses crook’s


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