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Ford Dealers May Have Tough Time Installing EV Chargers

Ford’s decision to require dealers to opt in or out of its new Model e Certified program was met with considerable criticism, as well as some legal concerns right off the bat. However, after much handwringing and some revisions, most Ford dealers in the U.S. and Canada – as well as Lincoln dealerswound up enrolling in either the Model e Certified or Certified Elite program, which requires them to invest in public fast chargers, though the actual costs of doing so wound up being far less than most expected. However, actually getting those chargers installed is proving to be somewhat difficult for certain Ford dealers, according to Automotive News.

“The more we dig into this whole shift, it’s becoming more and more apparent that it’s not cheap. And it’s complicated. And it’s time-consuming,” said Rinaldi Halim, president of Sierra Automotive Group in California. “We want to partner with our OEMs and our government officials and our communities to help accomplish the goal of having a clean planet for future generations. But it’s a little more complicated because each OEM has different programs … and preferred vendors and consultants.”

Firstly, there are many logical issues that Ford dealers must consider when installing fast chargers, such as the age of their facility, its location in proximity to transformers, and various other factors. Then there’s the cost, which can reach upwards of $400,000-$750,000 for Level 3 chargers, along with the required transformers, panels, and switchgear, complicated processes that involve drilling into concrete and even having to go through public property in some instances.

Model e Certified dealers are required to six Level 2 chargers and one Level 3 unit by 2026, while Model e Certified Elite entities must install five Level 2 chargers by 2024, as well as an additional Level 2 charger and three Level 3 units by 2026. Finding the right combination of vendors to complete this work is proving to be a challenge as well, not to mention the fact that dealers must also work with local power companies and wait months in some cases for comments to arrive. This process is “like putting a puzzle together blindfolded,” according to Kent Ritchey, president of Landers Auto Group.

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  1. Chris Blanchard

    I still don’t understand Ford’s requirement for any public charging stations at dealerships?! Sure you might want a level 2 in the shop, but six or more level 3’s? How many dealerships have on site public gas pumps now?

    1. David Dickinson II

      My assumption is that Ford wants to “boil the frog slowly” and will require other future modifications to dealerships. They don’t want to say what that end product will be, so as to not scare the dealerships. Chargers are just Step #1. To your point, what is the point of having charging stations at dealerships? Does Ford think people will want to just go park at a dealership so sales guys can come out an harass you as you wait for a charge?

    2. Ryan

      Assuming they start selling electric cars in large quantities, they’ll need them. Cars need charged up after so many test drives, they’ll probably charge cars up prior to delivery, dealer employees will be driving electric cars to/from work, plug your car in while it’s waiting to be pulled in for service, etc. And for rural dealers, people that drive a long ways for service would appreciate it to not worry about making it back home.

    3. Frank

      It is just one level 3 by 2026, not six.

  2. Mark B

    This whole charging business is where most of us feel that the push to EV’s will stumble…many times…before any cohesive and coherent system for charging becomes commonplace. Also, I thought that I read somewhere that Ford was also considering adopting Tesla’s charging interface to be able to take advantage of their existing network. Why so many at a dealership?

    1. John

      No manufacturer is going to change to the Tesla interface, way too costly, however, Tesla is now opening up some superchargers to CCS vehicles. The adapter is built into the supercharger.

  3. John

    Installing L2 evse for the public is a waste of time and money. Folks are not going to sit for hours waiting to charge from L2. L2 is great at home. Come home, plug in and when you get up in the morning you have a full “tank”. Not so great if you need a charge to road trip. My ev puts about 25 miles back in the battery in an hour. Way to slow when you are road tripping. Perfect when we are at home.

  4. John

    But wait, I thought there were just thousands of IBEW electricians just sitting around waiting to to the work. You mean Brandon’s payoff to the unions isn’t going so well again? I am shocked.

    1. RWFA

      Fully agree.

  5. BellaJabroni

    More “shovel-ready” jobs!

    Infrastructure is hard. Ask any Civil Engineer about the process of concept, initial design, review, refinement, costing, permitting, approvals, bidding, construction, inspections, sign-off and finally usage. All those steps also have hands out looking for “incentive” to move things along. Washington thinks everything is as easy as signing a bill and making a public statement. But of course that’s because that’s all they do, they’ve never actually built anything or paid anyone.

    1. RWFA

      All the publicly funded infrastructure in the country would like a word.

  6. Jon

    It’s a big scam so all the fat cats can steal more money from the public there is no global warming crisis politicians are all heavily invested in green energy and want us all in so they can get rich i can get 10 people to promote global warming and I can get 10 more to discredit it we all are forgetting that core samples of the earth show the world has cycles and we are in the middle of

    1. RWFA

      I wasn’t aware that tinfoil could be wrapped so tightly as to induce inane drunk tweeting like comments.


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