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Ford Edge L Details Revealed, Includes Five Seat Variant

Following months of anticipation, teasers, and prototype sightings, the all-new Ford Edge L officially debuted for the Chinese market almost a month ago, looking essentially nothing like the crossover that’s sold in North America under the same name. Instead, the Ford Edge L was designed solely to appeal to Chinese customers – just like most other new Blue Oval models that have launched there over the past couple of years – but there are a few details that FoMoCo didn’t reveal about it at that time. Now, some additional information regarding the Ford Edge L has been revealed by Car News China, giving us an even better idea of what to expect from the brand new crossover.

For starters, pricing for the seven different flavors of Ford Edge L has been revealed, with the new model ranging in cost from 229,800- 319,800 RMB, or around $33,000-$46,400 USD. Additionally, the Edge L won’t exclusively be sold as a seven-seat model, as the entry-level 2.0T ICE comes configured as a five-seater, and will apparently be the only one offered that way.

In terms of output, the 2.0L turbocharged powerplant is rated to produce 185 kW (249 horsepower) and 378 Nm (279 pound-feet) of torque and will come mated to an 8-speed gearbox. The hybrid version – which utilizes the same gas engine – ups the ante to 202 kW (271 horsepower) and 405 Nm (300 pound-feet) of torque, though that particular powerplant is paired with an eCVT.

A rear three quarter view of the Ford Edge L

Aside from its edgier exterior styling, the new crossover also features a high-tech cockpit filled with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 27-inch touchscreen that form a coast-to-coast display. In terms of timing, the base, non-electrified version of the Ford Edge L is expected to launch in China in April, while the hybrid will follow a couple of months later, in July.

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  1. Gloria D Wilson

    Will this Ford Edge L be sold in the United States? Is this the 2024 Edge. I’m an Edge owner absolutely love the Edge was sick when it was announced the edge was being discontinued.

  2. N

    Give us the 5 passenger Edge!!! We need the Edge in NA

  3. kevin

    i dont recognize this vomit

  4. Asif Osmani

    It’s a pity that Ford is cutting down on good models in Europe, giving a free hand to VW group and French cars. Farley, in my view, is going to ruin Ford’s future by concentrating solely on EVs when we are far away from every day affordable EVs.

    1. RWFA

      Freehand to VW? That’s crazy but restrained next to the French cars assertion. What are you even talking about with that?

  5. Lee

    This sucks never buy another Ford car

    1. RichG

      LOL Why are you here?

  6. Drew Ford Retiree

    “ Aside from its edgier exterior styling,”… edgier?!?!?!?! This thing is a lot less edgier than the outgoing Edge. I’d call it “generic, melted butter with a Korean-like (awkward) fin line. Just horrible.

    1. RWFA

      I agree. I’m perplexed by this design. Clinics must have liked it tho.

  7. former employee

    Ford out of touch with reality. They tease you with vehicles that they can’t produce and then they make discounts on them! Ford really knows how to piss off a customer! Farley should know better! He came from marketing!

  8. Bob

    Guess I’m the weirdo here but I like the looks of this much more than the last generation of Ford Edge. That’s just me.

    I think it sad that Ford caters to the Chinese market and gives them nice looking four door sedans (Ford & Lincoln) and all we get in the US is trucks and SUVs. I don’t count the Mustang E as anything. I think that car is as ugly as they come. It’s as ugly as the Mustang II was back in the 70s.

    I know they quit building cars in the US because they claim there was no profit. How is it that Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, BMW, etc …
    all seem to be able to make cars profitably. I know, some will say those are built overseas.
    Ugh…. I think not. Those companies all build cars and have factories here in the US.

    I’m sure Ford must have something good on the drawing boards (or computers) for the future but, they are all EV. I’m not an EV guy.
    I’m old fashioned and plan to hold out until the end. Then, I will buy the last year of ICE vehicle produced and drive off into the sunset listening to the 60s/70s station on Sirius Radio and remembering all the great muscle cars of the 60s and early 70s and all the nights I cruised on Telegraph.

    Please bring back some nice looking cars Ford Motor.

    Thank you.

    1. ed k


    2. RWFA

      Used to be a thing for us too, driving down Middlebelt, getting a tasty freeze cone at the mini golf next to the Cadillac engine plant, and then heading over to Telegraph to check out the metal cruising or parked in the shopping mall lots.

      Good times.

      Ps don’t malign the Mustang II too much, it helped Ford survive during some tough times. (But I must admit that the silver high spec early build Fox Mustang that my uncle brought over in late summer 1978 was a breath of fresh air after 5 years of Mustang II.)

  9. Jeffrey Woods

    Still waiting on delivery of my 2023 Edge. Hoping Ford developes the hybrid Edge for N.A.

    1. Wes

      Big DITTO! Finally got a build-to-date of April 11th on my ST ordered on Nov. 22nd.
      The Chinese Edge L Hybrid w/ 2.0 L Turbo & CVT sounds perfect for me!

  10. Larry

    We have a 2018 fusion hybrid. Would buy a new one but again Ford discontinued. Makes me wonder just who they are trying to sell cars to. Thought the edge hybrid would work but again discontinued. I’m now thinking Japanese Camry.

  11. Jo

    We have been longtime Ford customers from SUVs to F150 trucks. I now drive a Lincoln Nautilus and love it, but with Ford building in China, you have lost a loyal customer. I am sure you don’t care about how my husband and I feel about this issue. I just had to voice my opinion.

    1. RWFA

      China is the most competitive car market in the world. Ford building for the Chinese market forces Ford to up its competitive game. In so doing they build better cars everywhere.

      1. Bob

        That’s a good theory but, if true, why is Ford Motor having so many recalls all the time? Those recalls hit you on the bottom line, correct? Ford has had some real quality issues the past two years.

  12. Murray Henley

    I have has a 2017 Edge SEL 3.5 V6 and now drive a 2020 Edge 2.0T.
    I have been very happy with both, as well as with the dealer service.
    However, except for the Mustang, Ford has now decided to sell only trucks and EVs, none of which is of interest to me.
    Too bad Ford is forcing me to shop with another manufacturer.

    1. RWFA

      Can’t win ‘em all so you play where you benefit most.

  13. The Real Deal

    Farley: Really Bad place to bet the ranch on, CHINA! Might want to rethink that strategic ERROR! Or, did they buy you also?

    1. RWFA

      Are you completely stupid or just mostly so?

  14. Bobbie W

    Why does Ford build for the Chinese and the edge L will not be here in the US which is one of the nicest looking cars I think Ford has ever built. Why won’t it be available here for the people in the US where Ford has built for years


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