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Ford Employee Sues Company Over Alleged Workplace Cruelty

Ford has faced its fair share of workplace-related lawsuits in recent years, including one citing violations of an Illinois law called the Genetic Information Privacy Act (GIPA), a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, and an age discrimination lawsuit, though the latter two were recently settled. Now, the automaker is facing yet another lawsuit filing from a Ford employee, this time over a claim of alleged workplace cruelty, according to the Detroit Free Press.

That Ford employee – Kellie Redmond – works at the Sterling Axle plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan as a pipe fitter, and claims in her lawsuit that she has been subjected to harassment from her fellow employees on multiple occasions over the course of several years, who have called her names and even vandalized her work area. According to the lawsuit, Redmond reported these incidents to management at the plant a total of 28 times over the course of seven years, and yet, nothing was apparently done to correct that behavior.

Redmond hasn’t specified how much money she’s looking to recoup from this lawsuit, only noting that she wants to be compensated fairly, while asking that she be able to work without fear of harassment from other employees. In addition to photos of these instances, Redmond also has emails that she sent to management asking for help. An “anti-harassment stand-down” was held with her and the employees harassing her, but that didn’t reportedly fix the problem.

“Ford is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities in all of its facilities nationwide,” Ford spokeswoman Catherine Hargett said in response to the lawsuit. “The company prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees and is firmly committed to its anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and to diversity and inclusion.”

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