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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Driver Refuses To Miss Exit: Video

As most of us are already well aware, a lot of car crashes happen as a result of either driver error or simple stupidity, with far too many folks opting to drive dangerously on public roads. We’ve seen this time and again over the years – whether these crashes involve Blue Oval models or not – with the most recent examples including a Ford F-150 that was speeding through a residential area when it crashed into multiple structures, as well as a Ford Edge that lost an ill-advised game of chicken to an 18-wheeler. Now, this video recently posted to Instagram by the page Crash Dashes shows yet another wild incident captured on film – a Ford Explorer Sport Trac driver that simply refused to miss their exit, a decision that caused quite a bit of carnage in the process.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Crash - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac remains a popular vehicle among the Blue Oval faithful even today, years after the pickup version of that particular SUV bowed out of FoMoCo’s lineup. In this case, the driver is using its bed and extender to haul some things, but they certainly don’t leave a good impression on those surrounding the pickup on the highway.

That’s because the Sport Trac driver comes into view by cutting off the vehicle that’s recording this whole incident, weaving across multiple lanes and even the grassy median in an effort to avoid missing the exit, nearly smashing into the actual exit sign in the process. This quick action also causes the driver to lose control, and they proceed to smash into another vehicle, causing it to spin out and wind up in the grassy median, too.


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Despite this, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac driver manages to stay pointed in the right direction – but instead of stopping as one should when they run into another vehicle, they just keep on tooling down the road like nothing ever happened. Thankfully, the person recording the whole thing did stop to help, which gives us just a little faith in humanity, at least.

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  1. Robert T Arthur

    I had my Sport Trac for 20 years. I loved it so much I was waiting for Ford to bring it back. Last year I finally gave up and bought a Maverick Lariat AWD Eco.

  2. 1970Mav

    OK I get it some people can’t drive.
    But, is this really newsworthy?


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