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Ford F-150 Sacrificed To Save California Farm: Video

Flood waters have destroyed many a vehicle over the years, wreaking havoc on metal and electronics with no remorse. But while some people wind up flooding their vehicles due to silly decisions and others because, well, they value their lives over their material possessions, a group of farmers near Tulare Lake in California recently decided to sacrifice not just one, but two pickups – a Ford F-150 and a Chevrolet Silverado – in an effort to save their field from torrential flooding caused by a breach in a levee, as we can see in this video from Cannon Michael, who just so happens to be a Central California farmer himself.

The entire state has faced some seriously wet weather this year after roughly two decades of drought, which is understandably causing a lot of problems, whether that be a tremendous amount of snow up north or torrential rain in the southern portion. As such, flooding has been rampant, stretching emergency personnel thin and prompting some to take matters into their own hands, including this group of farmers, who sprung into action to save their crops.

However, plugging up a levee with water surging through it isn’t exactly easy to do, so the crew went with a rather unorthodox way of accomplishing that goal – they loaded up the beds of the Ford F-150 and Chevy pickup with dirt, then sent them down into the gap to plug it. While many commenters on the original post were skeptical that such a thing might work – as well as a few that were angry they destroyed these vehicles to do so – it apparently solved the problem perfectly.

In a follow up post, Michael shows that the farmers were able to fill in the remaining gaps in the levee with dirt, plugging the hole and saving their crops. He also noted that the trucks will be removed once the flooding subsides, though it’s a pretty safe bet that neither will be salvageable after that.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Well, I had to watch that video clip. I’m impressed at how well the farmer was able to aim his driverless truck down the levee and get it in the right spot. Great shot. And I’m glad it worked.

  2. The Retired Viking

    “That will hose right out!”

    /someone had to…

  3. T-Bird Scarborough

    That’s what full coverage insurance is for lol. I know of more than a few different Ford pickups that I damn sure would not have any issues at all with donating to Erosion Prevention. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  4. Courtland Tower

    Just bought a bran new Ranger “Tremor”And can’t wait for the Raptor to invade the 🇺🇸!!


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