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Ford Maverick Hybrid Is CR’s Most Satisfying Pickup

While the Ford Maverick has routinely ranked as one of the most satisfying new vehicles to own by the likes of J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, the Ford Maverick Hybrid has also struck a chord with shoppers, largely thanks to its impressive, economy car-like fuel economy. Now, the thrifty, electrified Ford Maverick Hybrid has yet another accolade to add to its trophy case that’s already full of them, as Consumer Reports has named the compact pickup the most satisfying new pickup truck on the market today, too.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid beat out all of its competition – including compact, mid-size, and full-size alternatives – to come out on top of this most recent top 10 list, which is based on one simple question that Consumer Reports asks its members – would they buy the same vehicle again if they had the opportunity to do so? The percentage of owners that respond with a yes is then used to rank these vehicles.

In that regard, the Ford Maverick Hybrid beat all of its competition by posting an owner satisfaction score of 80, for a variety of reasons. The compact pickup earned praise for its excellent fuel economy, of course, as well as its quiet and smooth operation, refined ride quality, and secure handling, and well as “commendable” access, visibility, and maneuverability. Aside from a usable but small bed, the interior of the Maverick also features easy-to-use controls, while the pickup offers an abundance of safety features including standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, as well as optional blind-spot warning and rear cross traffic alert.

The Maverick Hybrid managed to beat out a wide berth of other pickups to top this list, which includes the Honda Ridgeline (76), Ram 1500 (68),Hyundai Santa Cruz (64), Toyota Tundra (61), Ford F-150 PowerBoost (45), and a few that haven’t yet been tested, including the Ram 3500 and Silverado/Sierra 3500HD.

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  1. Kevin

    I love its capabilities. But I think the interior could use a refresh the space next to screen is pointless just give me a bigger screen

    1. Billy

      You’ve actually seen one, actually been in one? Wow, the closest I get is my every 6 week Dear John letter.

  2. Ralph Natola

    Love my hybrid, regularly get 60mpg around town. Fun to drive, best bargain ever.

    1. Bosko

      Agreed. I love it when my mikes to E actually goes up while I’m driving. Getting 600 miles to a tank. 👍

  3. Rowka

    Gee, the most satisfying pickup is one that’s impossible to get.

    1. Mike

      Not impossible-one just has to be patient. I waited 16 months and it was worth it… But don’t get me started about communications from Ford!

  4. Kinsey

    Waited 15 months for this hybrid. A 2022 turned into a 2023. After one month since delivery, this Bugger checks all the boxes! Ford, if you are listening, on the EV Coach screen, please show the battery charge level. Burning no gas is better than burning a little gas.
    Love, Love, Love, ❤️ this truck !!!!

  5. Bob Gorth

    I placed an order online for some merchandise. They emailed an expected delivery date.
    Even before the date arrived, they report that it was going to be delayed and I would be getting a rebate posted to my credit card.
    FORD keeps saying that my Maverick is delay, but offers no compensation to the buyer.

  6. M Lee

    My only query with my Maverick is having to tether my cell phone to use GPS services.

  7. Pikey87

    I’m extremely pleased with my XL hybrid. Not pleased with the wait, or the lack of communication from Ford. But the truck itself is absolutely fantastic, I literally have no complaints.

  8. Fed Up

    I ordered my Maverick Hybrid from Sheridan Ford in Wilmington Delaware in October 2021 and haven’t received it yet. Yup that’s 1.5 years ago. Stripped it mostly down to help. No such luck. So I wouldn’t be able to offer praise. Only frustration. Nice job Ford.


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