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Ford Maverick Named Car Of The Year By Brazilian Media

The Ford Maverick has racked up quite a list of accolades following its launch, including a spot on Car and Driver‘s 10Best list for 2023, a  Kelley Blue Book 2023 Best Resale Value Award, and KBB Best Buy honors, to name just a few. However, the Maverick isn’t just securing hardware in the U.S. – as Ford Authority reported last October, the compact pickup was destined to launch in Brazil this year, and deliveries began shortly thereafter. Now, the Ford Maverick has been named as the Car of the Year by The Premia Group – a non-profit organization composed of journalists.

This is the third year this particular award has been handed out, and takes into account a number of factors to determine which new vehicle on sale is superior to all others. To be eligible, vehicles must have launched between January 1st and December 31st of each calendar year, with an estimated annual production of no less than 5,000 units.

In January, that group was whittled down to seven finalists, and at the end of February, judges held a final vote with 25 points each to assign to each candidate. When that process was complete, the Ford Maverick came out on top, securing the first such win for The Blue Oval since the award’s inception.

The very first batch of Maverick pickups shipped to Brazil consisted of a small, 300-unit run, all of which were well-equipped Lariat models. Since then, additional pickups have been sold in waves, while Ford also teamed up with with Nomad Sports – which specializes in making and selling clothing and accessories for cyclists – to produce a new line of products especially for the Maverick, giving them a variety of goods to help customize their rides as well.

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  1. Mike

    I ordered my Maverick Lariat Hybrid 11/10/21. Just got an official email from Ford that production date is MAY 8! I RECEIVED my truck 3 weeks ago!!! That’s how bad Ford Communications has become!! Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE my truck-and it’s that Hot Pepper Red shown above! But I can relate to the frustrations of people still waiting. Ford did a horrific job of communicating from day 1-bad for a brand I’ve been loyal to for many decades.

    1. Zviera

      Nice colour Mike. Glad you got yours, who cares about everyone else. I’m sure supply will free up soon.

    2. Bill Byrne

      Good for Brazil ! We have been waiting 16 months, No contact from ford or dealer I had to call customer service each month and I had to call dealer to see what was going on
      got an email Finally. says build date in middle April, so we shall see, the new has worn off, and my wife said she may not take it now, and keep he kia soul, we shall see, after buying fords over 40 years and thier ROTTEN, no customer service, I may be done with them, SAD !!

      1. Mike

        They really have speeded up production…took me about that same time, and I wanted to hate it when I got it 3 weeks ago, but no it was love at 1st sight. And the new car smell sealed it. Loving it and looking for excuses to drive it. Trust me your wife will love it…

  2. Richard Schulte

    There has to be someone in the Ford organization that knows the production activities and can tell us what orders are scheduled. I ordered mine on September 15 and was the first one ordered at my dealership that day. I have an early order number. Any help from this group would be great. Thanks Richard

    1. Mike

      The best communications I received was when I called Ford’s 1-800 number…they always knew more than my dealership and the inane, nonsensical emails from FordCo. The dealerships suffer the same poor communication from Ford as its customers sadly. Ford d]seems to have th classic “Silo” mentality that can occur with large companies. Each silo seems to be out of touch with the other silos…have seen it many times in my long life!

  3. David

    I ordered my Maverick XL Hybrid 9/17/2022 in Muscle Shoals Al.
    I have received 3-4 e-mails from Ford about supply chain delays but have yet to receive any production information.
    Any suggestions ideas recommendations.

  4. Rosco

    Not a single comment about the article, itself. 😂

    1. Mike says...

      Too funny…. and really, do we need to hear and know what the Brazilian thinks about the Maverick?

    2. Mike

      Yep! Ford could fix this level of frustration with a cleanup of their communications. Worst I’ve seen from ANY major company! People are just looking for outlets to vent..I know over the past year when I got these Ford Authorityemails I would just skim through and delete unless there was one on Maverick-just so I could vent regardless of ssubject of article LOL!!

  5. Tired

    Why would they open in a new market when they can’t meet the demands of the first market they opened?

    1. Mike

      I do hope SOMEONE from Ford follows Ford Authority and other discussions…but SADLY it appears they do not. OR they are such an archaic organization, they have assigned someone’s grand daughter to handle “that pesky social media nuisance stuff”.

  6. Billy

    Show of hands, who thinks they should fill orders before dealer stock, and for sure before international markets?


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