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Ford Owners Hit Big Milestone With Hands-Free Driving

Ford BlueCruise and Lincoln ActiveGlide – FoMoCo’s hands-free highway driver assist features – have proven to be quite popular from the day both launched, steadily accumulating more and more users who have racked up a considerable number of miles with the feature activated thus far. In fact, back in November, the number of Ford owners enrolled in one of these services surpassed the 100,000 mark, and that number grew to 114,000 users one month later who have cumulatively covered 42 million miles. Now, according to CEO Jim Farley, Ford owners enrolled in one of these two programs have reached yet another milestone.

Those folks have now driven over 50 million miles with either BlueCruise or ActiveGlide engaged, which is an impressive total, indeed. As users continue to rack up miles, Ford is also able to continuously improve these systems, as well as add new features and capabilities to the mix, too.

Already named the top-rated active driving assistance system (ADAS) by Consumer Reports, BlueCruise and ActiveGlide are in line for a number of updates in the coming months and years. As Ford Authority reported last September, BlueCruise 1.2 adds a trio of new features to the mix – Lane Change Assist, which will perform a hands-free lane change when drivers tap the turn signal, Predictive Speed Assist, which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed as it approaches sharp curves and helps signal the driver ahead of time when a speed change is about to occur, and In-Lane Repositioning, which keeps the vehicle in its lane while also shifting its position away from vehicles in adjacent lanes.

Looking further down the road, a Level 3 version of BlueCruise and ActiveGlide is already in the works, and will add even more autonomous capabilities to these semi-autonomous systems.

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  1. Mark B

    I’m always curious as to what a driver does with his/her hands when not driving? Seems counterintuitive.

  2. fjdietz

    I’ve used adaptive cruise control in my 2021 Corsair GT (PHEV) extensively on Interstate 95. Adaptive cruise control requires you to keep a hand on the steering wheel. The system works great. I am looking forward to ActiveGlide for even greater driver fatigue reductions.

  3. John Y.

    All great, but what do they plan on doing with all of those miles to CURRENT BlueCruise 1.0 users?? Don’t force us to buy a new vehicle just to get updates to BlueCruise. Update the software in current vehicles and make BlueCruise BETTER! But, alas, I’m sure Ford has zero plans to do this, and wants us to purchase a new vehicle to get better features and options. Sad, but likely true.

    1. RWFA

      John, I don’t know if it’s the case here, but there may be hardware limitations that prevent the upgrade. (It’s no different from when Apple added Touch ID to the iPhone 5S, even though it looked like the iPhone 5, the hardware limited backporting this feature.). That’s the paradox of being an early adopter.

      That said, if there is no hardware limitation, I hope Ford gives the upgrade away for free, just as Apple does when older hardware gets the newest software and features it is capable of supporting.

      Good luck!

    2. Boomer

      Hey John. I have a 2022 F-150 Built March 2022. I have had some Updates to Supposedly Ready Our F-150 for these Updates. I am Not Sure just what BlueCruise 1.0 Is? (sorry) My Bad. However, if FORD does Not Include these Updates on our 2022 F-150, we’ll just NOT Purchase the Option after our $2000.00 BlueCruise Option that was Purchased when we Bought our Truck Runs out in 2025. We’re in California, San Jose Area. HWY 101/280/580/680/880/85 are some of the areas we travel in our F-150. During BlueCruise Usage on these Highway’s, the system is just “OK”. It shut’s off on Sweeping Turn’s, Is Jittery keeping us in the Lane? (Kinda Close) to Vehicles too often. It is Cool, it Functions, but it has Issues keeping or Staying Activated? If these New Updates Fix any of these Issues, it will be a Blessing. My Wife does NOT LIKE it when I have the BlueCruise Operational. She tell’s me to Turn it off, It scares her??? Sometimes I Agree with her, it’s Quirky, Shut’s Off for no real Good reason, can’t negotiate Long Sweeping Turns without Shutting off requiring Hand’s on Wheel Guidance and sometimes just does the same thing while driving in a Straight Line???? Ya Got Me???? Nice Feature, But it Needs Work. At least where we Use it anyway.

  4. Tim weyand



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