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Ford Ranger Recalled Over Incorrectly Installed Inflators

Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2004-2006 Ford Ranger models that received replacement front passenger air bag inflators under a previous recall.

The defect: in affected vehicles, the replacement frontal passenger air bag inflators may have been installed incorrectly.

The hazards: an incorrectly installed inflator may not properly inflate the passenger air bag, increasing the risk of injury during a crash.

Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.

Components: front passenger air bag inflator

Affected vehicles: select 2004-2006 Ford Ranger models produced between May 13th, 2003, through May 2nd, 2006.

Number of vehicles affected: 98,550

The fix: dealers will inspect and reinstall the front passenger air bag inflator, as necessary, free of charge.

Owners should: wait for communications from Ford, which will begin on March 27th, 2023. The Ford reference number for this recall is 23S08.


  • Ford Customer Service: 1-866-436-7332
  • FoMoCo Recall Number: 23S08
  • NHTSA Toll-Free: 1-888-327-4236
  • NHTSA (TTY): 1-800-424-9153
  • NHTSA Website:

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  1. RWFA

    Per the 573: 1% error rate. Apparently the mechanics who replaced the airbag incorrectly, some employed by ford dealers and others by a 3rd pty mobile repair service, admitted they hadn’t read the repair instructions and thus incorrectly installed the replacement part.



    Oh you just have to love FoMoCo ! They are having to have a recall on the recall!!!!!
    What a bunch of buffoons!!!
    What is so tragic is this is not the first time this has happened. As a long time Ford shop foreman I have seen it more than a few times in my career. They make a crappy poorly designed product then they come out with an even worse fix for it. The Ambulance recall was the best yet. They were literally blowing up on fire due to a variety of factors. That fix was beyond crazy. Anyone remember it besides me ? Then the Contour and Mystique electrical harness recall, fuel tank recall ( also going on fire) the dashboard recall. Yup Typical Ford nonsense. So sad to see how bad they have become. But don’t worry Farley will fix everything…..NOT!!!
    Fire that bum already!

    1. RWFA

      How pathetically dim must one be to cite these “recalled recalls” and then draw such an out of the ballpark conclusion? (Suppose it could also happen so due to a sockpuppet with a hidden agenda.)

      (This harsh critique is largely due to a claimed long history in service bay.)

      The techs here literally had one job: to remove a defective inflator and replace it with a like part free of defects.

      But these numbskulls couldn’t be bothered to read the repair sheet at least once before doing the job.

      Similarly, the previous commenter seems not to have thought once, before writing and arriving at a profoundly poor and amazingly unrealistic conclusion.

      Citing the errors of engineers, from more than a generation ago, some whom are now dead of old age, others long in pension, as being some kind of proof that things have are now worse, and that a CEO should be canned because of a flub by incompetent service personnel now repairing a vehicle that was produced while Farley was still at Toyota? That’s just LoL-land.

      Fact is, sometimes some technicians aren’t very good at doing simple things.

      Fact is, recall recalls are not common but are not not unheard of either.

      For your edification: a recalled recall from another OEM, Toyota (not ancient unrelated history but last month):

      Wheels falling off vehicles. Recalled to fix that, mechanics not good at their job botched the job. Wheels falling off vehicles again, precipitated recall round 2 to do the original repair correctly.


  3. Johnrsix

    So the people who have built the truck in the plant put it together incorrectly? Is this what I’m reading.


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