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Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition Production Has Ended

The Ford Ranger Splash Package was revealed back in September 2021 ahead of its debut for the 2022 model year, adding some 1990s retro vibe to the long-running pickup for its final two model years ahead of the debut of the all-new, next-gen model in the U.S. For those that wanted something a bit more exclusive, the Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition was introduced alongside the regular optional variant, complete with unique colors and small production figures. Now, however, Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition production has officially ended, closing the chapter on that particular era for the mid-size pickup, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

The last Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition pickup has now been built, as the Jungle Edition – the final version of that limited edition offering – has been discontinued. The other three limited edition Ranger Splash packages – the Snow Edition, Forest Edition, and Sand Edition – were available for the 2022 model year in limited numbers as well. However, it is worth noting that the regular Splash Package is still part of the 2023 Ranger lineup.

In addition to sporting unique colors and accents both inside and outside, the Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition models are also equipped with bodyside graphics, grille nostrils, unique 18-inch wheels, special grille accents, rearview mirror caps, bumpers, fender vents, and wheel lip moldings. Inside, the Splash Ranger pickups feature unique seats with stripes and contrast stitching throughout.

As Ford Authority previously reported, 2023 Ranger order banks officially shut down in January as FoMoCo retools the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant for production of the next-gen model, which will launch in the U.S. later this year for the 2024 model year.

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  1. Chris Blanchard

    There were only 57,000 2022 Rangers built and 6,800 ’23s built thru Feb 2023.
    It seems to me that the entire Ranger production is a “limited run.”

  2. markkassal

    When will the 2024 Ford ranger raptor be on the showroom floors in Minnesota or Chicago?

  3. Gayla Steward-Reardon

    Enough……. Stop making all these special edition vehicles and concentrate on building the vehicles that have been on order for over a year.

    Please….. waiting on my Maverick hybrid since July 2022…. Some people have orders going back to 2021.

    Come on Ford- let’s build these vehicles and forget special editions!

    1. Davido50

      They will get your truck built! It’s well worth the wait. You will love the Maverick! Hopefully you ordered the 4wd FX4 version w/ proven Gen2 – 2.0L TGDI. It’s a stout small truck. Take good care of it & will last you a long, long time. Also, it’s built at a different plant than Ranger.

  4. Wilbert A McCoyJr

    Please show pictures of the ranger truck with larger tires from the factory like you are doing with your f-150s ty

  5. Davido50

    ’22 & ’23 Ranger production was purposely cut bk to allow more Broncos to be produced (both built @Fords award winning Michigan Assembly Plant – MAP). I have a ’23 Ranger XLT Tremor on order now. Placed order mid Jan. Every Ford dealer wanted MORE Rangers & could sell every one they got.. but w/ supply chain constraints affecting everyone decisions had to be made & full size Bronco has alot of customer orders & demand out there.

  6. Joe Livesay

    Tva can get a lightening but I can’t and the dealers are wanting 30% above cost that’s just wrong

  7. Rodney Hamilton

    On the 2023 limited edition splash they had no bodyside graphics and most didn’t even have a FX4 graphic on them . And oddly not the first splash anywhere . And if your making limited models.they should be numbered

  8. Ken bufalini

    I am so tired of hearing all the different model of rangers be offered in Europe I have a 2003 ranger on order for over two months. To date I have not received a build date ,come on Ford get it together.

  9. Ken bufalini

    Waiting over two months for a 2023 Ranger Lariat. Still no build date.
    Maybe this is why Toyota midsize pick ups have 36% of the market.


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