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Ford Ranked 21st On 2023 Most Innovative Companies List

Ford has thus far received considerable praise for its direction over the past couple of years, most recently raking second on Fast Company‘s 2022 Most Innovative Companies in Design list, as well as making Time Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential Companies list for 2022. Now, The Blue Oval continues to impress in terms of its many innovative products as of late, as the automaker has once again been recognized by Fast Company – this time landing on its 2023 Most Innovative Companies list.

Impressively, Ford was the only automotive manufacturer to make the list of the 2023 Most Innovative Companies, which consists of 50 total entities. It accomplished that feat mainly because of the existence of the Ford F-150 Lightning, which reinvents the world’s most popular pickup in a big way. Aside from the fact that it’s all-electric, Fast Company was especially impressed with the Lightning’s many tech features, including its ability to power entire homes for days at a time via the Intelligent Backup Power system, as well as its Mega Power Frunk.

Interestingly, Ford developed this technology by building two model homes on its own campus, one of which engineer Alex Avila actually moved into temporarily to test out this system in real-world situations. “When we talk about innovation, I think about it not only in terms of innovating our products, but also innovating how we test our products, how we validate our products,” Avila said.

“Part of what we’ve tried to do is make sure that, from a vehicle development perspective, we are providing the customer with a great vehicle they can look at and say, ‘I really can’t get this with the older technology, and because of that I want to switch,'” added F-150 Lightning chief engineer Linda Zhang. “Our mantra is ‘always on,’ because we’re always working on improving the product even more. And because it’s such a digital vehicle, we can go ahead and make a lot of those improvements and provide them to the customer over the air in terms of the updates.”

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  1. Tom

    I’ll pass on the innovation. Just provide me with a vehicle that will spend more time in my garage that it does in a dealers.

    1. RWFA

      Can’t tell yet if Tom is a new K-street handle (it’s 50/50 given that our grade-DD pal already made entry).

      That said, it doesn’t seem good for Tom just based on the silliness of his unrealistic claim BEV’s need more service than ICE**.

      **which is so far from the truth it makes me laugh like I laugh at our old door darkening pal DDOS Joe. Hahahaha.

  2. Tim weyand

    Hope that 21st Innovations Award. Gets down too Dealer Repairs Honored under a Excellent Warranty. Not just Convex Concave Flush Smoke and Mirrors. Like how many FORD ESCAPES . Being recalled for Leaky Seals in 2015 like the All wheel Drive Platinums? Others also. Yes FREIND at HORIZON FORD TUKWILLA WESTERN WASHINGTON STATE .Did not honor warranty. Was a 3700$ Repair they got stuck with Warranty paying for 2300$ out of pocket . Said Escape . Bought off Lot 500 miles with went through a bumper Bumper Warranty in early 2017. Rear main seal went out at 41000 miles . THESE ARE FORD CUSTOMER S. CHEVROLET AND CHRYSLERS.HAVE ALOT OF ISSUES IN WARRANTY REPAIR ALSO. HOPE FORD OF HORIZON CAN SOLVE THIS I HAVE A 2010 SE FORD FOCUS BEEN A EXCELLENT VEHICLE AT NEARLY 137000 MILES . ALOT OF TRIPS . EVEN THINK STX OUT OF 2007 FORD STATION WAGON SPRINGS IN MY 2010 FOCUS.A AUTOMATIC AND A GOOD ONE SO FAR. LOT OF GOING OR DRIVING IN HILLS UP TOO 2700′ FEET . ONLY OTHER PARTS EARLY IS FORD WATER PUMP AND ALTERNATOR FORD PARTS. BOTH STILL GOOD WHEN MECHANIC PUT ON. WISHED THEY COULD HAVE MADE THESE WITH HA ALL WHEEL DRIVE .OR PUT THEIR ELECTRIC ENGINES IN THEM . WHICH I SURE FORD RACING LOOKING AT DOING AS MANY MANUFACTURING OF VEHICLES

  3. Tim weyand

    Also when going down said hills . Put Auto in 1st Gear . Do not rev over 3500 RPM Engine. Then Second then Drive use Brakes on my 2010 Ford Focus. Have the 1 a much Better Rotors front Ceramic Rotors . Good Quality NAPA DRUMS WITH FORD SHOES. Ford Drums warranty only a year NAPA WARRANTY 2 years. Since almost all vehicles now Calipers Rotors . Have Vehicle Serviced . Had 4 Wheel Alignment the Steering is Extremely Good for a Front wheel drive this 2010 FORD FOCUS . JUST HOPE FORD HONOR S THEIR WARRANTY. AS CHEVY DODGE. THEY BOTH HAVE WARRANTY ISSUES ALSO


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