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Ford Says It Lost $2 Billion On EV Unit In 2022

As Ford Authority reported yesterday, Ford Motor Company just announced that it has updated its financial reporting to reflect the differences between its two entities – Ford Blue and Ford Model e – as well as its commercial business, Ford Pro, rather than lumping them all together, as was previously the case. The reasoning behind this is quite simple – this new type of reporting presents a fairer representation of each business model’s performance, while also holding each unit accountable for that performance, while also making these numbers easier to interpret and understand for both customers and shareholders alike. However, there was another interesting tidbit that came from this announcement – the automaker’s 2022 Model e financial results.

While Ford expects its EV-centered Model e division to post a $3 billion dollar loss in 2023, it recorded slightly better results in 2022 – a loss of $2.1 billion, according to the automaker, which was preceded by a loss of $900 million in 2021. This is certainly interesting data, though there is obviously a reason why Ford Model e losses are expected to grow as well.

After splitting itself into Ford Blue and Model e to focus different divisions on the ICE and EV sides of the business last year, CEO Jim Farley noted that the company would continue to lean on the former to generate profits and compensate for its massive EV investment – $50 billion, which will be spent by 2026, at which point it expects to be producing two million all-electric vehicles across the globe on an annual basis.

This will all change with the launch of the automaker’s second-generation EVs, which will be simpler and ride on dedicated platforms, reducing costs and helping to make those vehicles profitable, which isn’t the case with the current, first-gen EV lineup.

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  1. John

    Bummer, lol.

  2. Jim

    Clown world at its finest. A 2B (Billion!) loss and people still buy the stock … wth.

  3. Ralph Owens

    Despite the losses, we will “For(d)ge ahead because the Government is forcing everyone to buy them.

  4. Mike

    2 Billion dollar loss, is that before or after the taxpayers share? Either way you would think they should have learned their lesson buy no. I sure had a higher opinion of Ford. Guess I was wrong again! Poor stockholders take it again.

  5. Tim

    Brilliant! Ford { and GM} rush toward extinction.

  6. Mike says...

    This is going to be a ‘win big’ or go home finish.
    I just hope Ford has the chops to go the distance.


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