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FordPass Rewards Online Redemption Details Revealed

The FordPass rewards program has been a big success for FoMoCo in recent years, allowing users to earn points by purchasing vehicles or bringing them in for service or maintenance, which can then be redeemed for various types of discounts. The program is also a win for The Blue Oval, as FordPass Reward users bring their vehicles to Ford dealers for service twice as often as non-users. As it continues to focus on the post-purchase experience, FoMoCo also recently began allowing owners to redeem FordPass Rewards points online – as Ford Authority reported back in January – and now, the automaker has released more details about this big change.

FordPass Rewards Online Redemption Ford F-150 Lightning - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

Customers have a few different ways that they can redeem their FordPass Rewards points online, including visiting to shop for a wide variety of accessories ranging from roof tents and superchargers to trailer hitches, floor mats, and pet harnesses, as well as a bevy of additional interior, exterior, electronic, wheel accessories, and more. Members can use their points, pay with a credit card, or use a combination of both to purchase those items.

FordPass Rewards Online Redemption Accessories Pet Harness

Additionally, accessories can be shipped either to a customer’s home or to their preferred dealer for installation. Returning items is an easy process as well, with those purchases credited back to the customer based on the original form of payment. Those that haven’t yet signed up to become a FordPass Rewards member can do so by simply downloading the the FordPass App.

FordPass Rewards Online Redemption Accessories Ford F-150 Lightning

“We want to show our loyalty to FordPass Rewards members by giving them an easy way to earn and redeem their points for accessories,” said Marc Mills, Ford Customer Experience Director. “This initiative is part of how we’re enhancing value at every customer experience touchpoint, from point of sale throughout their entire ownership journey with Ford.”

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  1. Jason

    Ford pass redemption links still offer way to ford merchandise web site, but that site is not set up to accept points.

  2. Bob Dobson

    FordPass is very poorly executed and only works 70% of the time. Another disappointment on the Ford software front. SYNC2/3/4 and FordPass all rated poor by customers.

    1. Davido49

      Sync 3 & Sync 4 are not rated poorly by customers at all & have received accolades from the major review sources! Love the Sync 4 in my ’23 Edge.

    2. RWFA

      LoL using Sync 2 to bolster your comment.

  3. Mike

    I just (finally) purchased my 23 Maverick Hybrid last week. No one mentioned this program to me! Just another Ford lack of communication!

    1. Davido49

      Download the FordPass app. Simple as that actually. You will be able to remote start vehicle from anywhere of your are wifi equipped & see vital information on your vehicle.

    2. RWFA

      So, how is it motoring in the Mav?

      Surprised you didn’t share that with us.

      Also, when did you order? How was the communication about the order’s progress?

  4. Mike says...

    The FordPass program should be junked. Ineffective, frustrating and badly distracting from the brand.
    Anyone with a retailing 101 degree knows what a waste of energy and prestige this program brings.
    The author needs to give his head a shake on this one…..

    1. RWFA

      I think you should expand on these assertions. It’s pretty thin soup to just complain about something without actually explaining the reasoning behind it (if any).


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