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Here’s A Look At The Last Ford GT Ever Produced: Video

Following a successful run, the mighty second-gen Ford GT is set to be discontinued following the 2023 model year and a pair of final, special variants – the road-going LM Edition and the non-street legal, track-focused Mk IV. But while any Ford GT is a special car – we are talking about a limited-production, ultra-expensive piece of machinery, after all – the very last one built figures to be an incredibly celebrated collectible for years to come, and recently, Tim Burton of the mega-popular YouTube channel Shmee150 was able to check it out up close.

Last Second-Gen Ford GT Produced - Interior 001

Burton was present on the very same day that the last Ford GT was being delivered to its lucky new owner in Detroit, where it’s fittingly surrounded by 19 other GTs in what has to be one of the largest gatherings of these cars anywhere. Soon, we get to see the last Ford GT arrive on a transporter and come off of the truck, which is finished in Antimatter Blue – the same color present on the Heritage Edition prototype, as Burton points out.

Last Second-Gen Ford GT Produced - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

The final GT wears chassis number N260, and is equipped with graphite wheels and red brake calipers on the outside, along with exposed carbon fiber that blends in nicely with the dark exterior hue. Inside, the owner spec’d his special ride with a black interior, but there are also some special features throughout, including a cool little maple leaf on the center shift dial.

As for what comes next, we have a hard time believing that the Ford GT will be gone forever, but what the next-gen model might look like is anyone’s guess. Could Ford continue to push the envelope and develop an all-electric version of its iconic supercar, one that would make the somewhat controversial V6-powered second-gen model look mainstream by comparison? Only time will tell.

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  1. Mark B

    We know it finally had to come…the last one off the line. It’s amazing though how many times Ford and Multimatic have had to extend production due to continuing orders! I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Ford decides to resurrect the GT in to future for another anniversary of the fabled steed.

    1. Lealand

      It would be great to see one last V8 car before the inevitable EV technology demonstrator but I doubt it since the main thrust with Ford’s global racing activities are Mustang right now with Farley even throwing out the question about a street legal Mustang GT3.


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