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Lincoln Mark VIII Turbo Explosion Did Not Deter Team: Video

Modifying vehicles is oftentimes a journey filled with ups and downs, an endeavor that can either result in a glorious, ultra-fast machine or total disaster, as we’ve seen many times in the past. Thus, it isn’t terribly surprising to see a Lincoln Mark VII blow its stock V8 powerplant on the track after the folks at Hagerty decided to turbocharge it, crank up the boost to 17 psi, and let it rip on the dyno, with disastrous results.

Lincoln Mark VII Turbo Project - Exterior 002 - Front

As is the case with many similar projects, this one remains centered around a simple question – how quick can a super cheap budget build really be? The folks at Hagerty scored this Lincoln Mark VII for a mere $1,150, bolted on an equally cheap $330 On3 turbo, and wound up laying down a solid 380 horsepower on the dyno when it was originally put together. Sadly, however, when the team hit the drag strip, the car essentially exploded, seemingly putting an end to their dreams of cheap speed.

However, the team wasn’t ready to let this cool project die, so they recently decided to resurrect it by first tearing into the grenaded powerplant to see what went wrong. Before they even turn a single bolt, however, they immediately notice a big hole in the block, which means that the bottom end is toast. The question, it seems, is can they save the top end for a replacement bottom end that can hopefully hold boost better than this 140k-mile motor?

Sadly, after a full teardown, the team discovers that not much here is salvageable – just one cylinder head, the alternator, and perhaps the dip stick tube. Regardless, they’re certainly not deterred, and the plan is to get a replacement motor as soon as possible – preferably one that can handle some boost. Alternatively, they may wind up building up the bottom end themselves to make sure they don’t wind up repeating their smoke show at the track a second time, which is probably a wise decision.

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  1. MelMark93

    You guys didn’t do your homework on the 4.6 DOHC motor. The Mark version has a cast crank, pistons and rods. Even the Cobra version w/ forged crank and pistons had weak rods.
    Extended track running of a Cobra would throw a rod. I have a Vortech on my 93 Mark and is limited to 5-7 lb boost & 400+ crank hp, no problemo. Get a copy of “How to build Max-Performance 4.6 Liter Ford Engines” by Sean Hyland before your next try at a 4.6

  2. Kydd

    Or better yet find a good 03 or 04 Cobra motor

  3. Dave Mathers

    I built a 1994 Mark VIII and had a Paxton blower on it. It was in SEMA that year along with a blown Stang rag and a Texas Stagecoach body kit. AND a 95 F150 short box, blown, made up to look like one of the new NASCAR pickups complete with NASTRK Ontario plates!! Blew the Lincoln up twice (+3.8 @ 102). Ford of Canada replaced the first one under warranty but said NO on the 2nd. My pal Lee Morse sent me a MUCH better long block ‘for evaluation purposes’!! LOL

  4. Frank

    Never again will we see such beauty from Lincoln. Mark VIII and LS were the last real Lincolns as we knew the brand. Ther is no reason why Lincoln can’t get a longer wheelbase version of S650 in the form of LS, Mark 9 and Mark 9 LSC. Imagine the profits! You can charge more for soemthing intended to cost less as in the Mustang case.

    1. Doug

      Beating a dead horse, Frankie. Give it up. Lincoln will never have a full range with the passion and allure again. There are other brands that fit what Lincoln was in the past. I’ve moved on and feel better with my Cadillac CT6 V


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