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Lincoln Nautilus Sales Beat GV70, Trail XT5 For 2022

Lincoln Nautilus sales slipped during the 2022 calendar year, placing the luxury crossover near the middle of its packed competitive segment.

Throughout 2022, Lincoln Nautilus sales decreased 16 percent to 20,635 units.

Comparatively, the Lexus LX led the segment despite a 17 percent slide to 96,041 units, followed by the BMW X3 in second, having experienced a 13 percent decrease to 65,799 units. Third belonged to the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, whose sales increased 27 percent to 65,531 units, followed by the fourth-place Audi Q5, up four percent to 62,912 units, while the sixth-place Acura MDX moved 46,425 units, down 23 percent. The Volvo XC60 saw its sales decrease 13 percent to 36,181 units, while the Cadillac XT5 claimed seventh, down four percent to 27,340 units, tailed by the Nautilus in eighth. All other competitors sold less than 20,000 units individually.

Sales Numbers - D-Segment Luxury Crossovers - 2022 - USA

LEXUS RX -16.72% 96,041 115,320 20% 22%
BMW X3 -13.26% 65,799 75,858 14% 15%
MERCEDES-BENZ GLC-CLASS +26.50% 65,531 51,805 14% 10%
AUDI Q5 +4.33% 62,912 60,301 13% 12%
ACURA MDX -22.70% 46,425 60,057 10% 12%
VOLVO XC60 -12.99% 36,181 41,582 8% 8%
CADILLAC XT5 -3.66% 27,340 28,380 6% 6%
LINCOLN NAUTILUS -15.58% 20,635 24,443 4% 5%
GENESIS GV70 +78.30% 19,141 10,735 4% 2%
INFINITI QX50 -42.15% 11,105 19,195 2% 4%
BMW X4 -7.75% 9,797 10,620 2% 2%
ALFA ROMEO STELVIO -26.44% 7,752 10,539 2% 2%
INFINITI QX55 +17.87% 5,106 4,332 1% 1%
TOTAL -7.68% 473,765 513,167

From a segment share standpoint, the RX dominated with 20 percent share, down two percentage points. The X3 and GLC-Class each claimed 14 percent share, down one percentage point and up four percentage points respectively. The Q5 increased one percentage point to 13 percent share, while the MDX lost two percentage points, down two percentage points. The XC60 remained steady with eight percent share, followed by the XT5, which also remained steady, claiming six percent share. Lincoln Nautilus sales, meanwhile, accounted for four percent share, down one percentage points. Every other segment competitor saw four percent share or less.

Overalll, the D-segment luxury crossover segment contracted eight percent, meaning Lincoln Nautilus sales underperformed the segment average.

Sales Numbers - D-Segment Luxury Crossovers - 2022 - USA

LEXUS RX -16.72% 96,041 115,320 69% 72%
LINCOLN AVIATOR +5.03% 21,977 20,924 16% 13%
LINCOLN NAUTILUS -15.58% 20,635 24,443 15% 15%
TOTAL -13.71% 138,653 160,687

We should note that Lexus RX sales now include the two-row RX and the three-row RX L, with the three-row RX L being a rival to the new Lincoln Aviator. As such, a more apt comparison would be to pit Nautilus and Aviator sales against those of the RX.

Adding Nautilus and Aviator sales nets Lincoln 42,612 combined deliveries in 2022, or a significant 54,429 units less than the Lexus RX.

The Ford Authority Take

As with many of FoMoCo’s products, Lincoln Nautilus sales decreased during the 2022 calendar year as the automaker navigates a tough scenario of low supply and high demand for vehicles like the luxury crossover. It’s highly probable that Lincoln Nautilus sales would be a bit more impressive if Ford Motor Company was able to produce more units of the vehicle, thereby increasing supply at the dealer level. In an attempt to work within the constraints of the ongoing supplier issues that have affected the Nautilus, Lincoln is now offering the crossover with the subwoofer delete option to avoid further delays in its assembly.

It’s worth noting that the Nautilus received a substantial refresh for the 2021 model year, and soldiers into its 2023 model year without any major changes or updates. This consists primarily of a revised center stack with a much larger center infotainment screen. However, beyond the 2023 model year, the future of the luxury crossover is murky. The plant at which it is built, Oakville Assembly, is being retooled to support EV production, effectively leaving the Nautilus without a production home for North America.

While this could potentially signal the end of the Nautilus for the North American market, a next-generation model was recently leaked in China, although at this time, it’s unclear if this model will be offered stateside.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Frustrating to see Ford being hobbled at every turn – be it COVID-related supply disruptions or Ford’s reaction to them – which seems to have left it more heavily impacted than the market as a whole. Especially combined with launch-related and general reliability issues, Lincoln is squandering all the momentum since revamping the entire lineup. Rather than seeing the product continue to become even more competitive, it’s death by a thousand cuts all over again.

  2. Joe

    We ordered one in 2022 and it only took 13 weeks, so I don’t know what shortages they had. I think the reason sales were down were the lack of a new model being designed for the American market. They have also said they don’t have a update for the Corsair and that may go away in 2026. Both these units were the highest rated by Consumer Reports and best quality of the Lincoln products. Almost 50% of Lincoln owners in a poll said they would not buy a EV. They may be shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. Edward

      We ordered a 2021 Corsair Grand Touring in September 2021. Lincoln converted the order to a 2020 model, it went into production in December and we took delivery in January 2022. Now just over a year and 15K miles, we really love this car so much. It is so much better than the other cars we tested (Audi Q5, Volvo XC60, Lexus NX).

      1. Edward

        I meant 2022 model, not a 2020 (of course).

  3. Roger Smeltzer Sr

    We own a 2019 Nautilus and it has been the best vehicle ever and our 4th Lincoln. Quality, comfort, fuel economy, and performance with the 2.7 V-6. So good, my wife will replace her 2010 MKX with a 2023 Nautilus. A perfect car for both of us. Would love to see them build a hybrid, 2 row version.

  4. JeRay Bellon

    I didn’t think you could beat the reliability and design of the Ford Edge until I purchased my Nautilis.


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