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Megarexx SVN Is A Four Row Ford Excursion Successor

Megarexx has made a name for itself in recent years after cranking out some seriously wild machines – most notably, the MegaRaptor, which is actually a Ford Super Duty transformed into a Ford F-150 Raptor lookalike, albeit with with even wilder looks and gigantic tires as large as 46 inches in diameter. The company also recently created what it calls the MegaBronc, which is another Super Duty-based build that gives those craving a larger Ford Bronco a suitable alternative, as well as the recently-revealed MegaRaptor 7. Now, that same company has debuted what is essentially a four-row Ford Excursion successor dubbed the Megarexx SVN, too.

Megarexx SVN - Exterior 003 - Side

The Megarexx SVN takes a more conventional approach to fitting a bunch of passengers inside than its predecessors, however, as it isn’t fitted with gigantic tires, wide fenders, or a huge lift kit. Rather, the main benefit here is the fact that the Megarexx SVN seats a whopping nine people inside, which makes it essentially unlike any new vehicle on sale today.

Megarexx SVN - Interior 001

Megarexx accomplished that by taking a regular old Super Duty and adding a hand-made aluminum roof over what used to be the bed, as well as a pass-through to transform this into a full-fledged SUV, making room for four rows of seating. The rear section even features a one-piece glass window that looks right at home, and some HVAC upgrades ensure that those in the very back are just as comfortable as those closer to the front portion of the cabin.

Megarexx SVN - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Based on the Lariat Ultimate, the Megarexx SVN is a luxurious and well-equipped machine that comes equipped with the turbocharged Ford 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel, which cranks out 475 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque – more than enough to get it moving. Ultimately, the genius in the SVN is that it’s something no automotive manufacturer currently offers, and given the immense popularity the Excursion still enjoys – years after its discontinuation – it makes perfect sense that at least one aftermarket outfit create something similar.

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  1. David Dix

    Never understood why Ford let go of the Excursion. It was by far and still is (IMHO) the finest large SUV on the planet. It was so much better than the Suburban or its GMC counterpart from its chassis to its power plant and even its fuel economy with the 7.3ltr Powerstroke Diesel. Maybe if that was offer as a first line option the gas guzzling Triton V8 & V10s wouldn’t have taken over the bad publicity narrative. I averaged 20mpg in my Excursion and 16mpg towing my 23’ travel trailer and seated 8 or 9 depending on the configuration. UNHEARD OF! Even by today’s standards. By far the most complete, efficient and comfortable vehicle Ford ever made and I had the privilege to own. Sad, they could stand the bad press at the time.

  2. Stan Dohm

    Hooray, I have an 04 Excursion, bought it in 03, that everyone wants to buy. Would love a new one, plan to check this out. I have not had problems with my 6.0 Diesel!!

  3. Karl

    I have a 2000 ford excursion love it bought it for 4000 and have put 4500more into it thy ride nice I have always wanted one it has the v10 I get 14 in town 18 on the road not bad for a 25 year old rig going to try to make it look.nice when iam done with it


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