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Most Ford Maverick Pickups Went To Retail Buyers In 2022

The Ford Maverick has faced incredibly high demand in the short amount of time that it’s been on the market, to the point where The Blue Oval has struggled to produce enough pickups to satisfy that demand. Many Maverick owners thus far have also proven to be first-time pickup buyers, attracting a new breed of consumer to that segment, with around a quarter of them being female and its biggest conquests being the Honda Civic, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. However, while the Ford Maverick also figures to be a hit with commercial customers, most units landed in the hands of retail buyers last year, it seems.

This piece of information comes to us from Ford’s recent announcement regarding the fact that it’s changing the way it reports its financials, separating out its Ford Blue ICE business from the Model e EV division and Ford Pro commercial entity. During that presentation, it noted that around 80 percent of Ford Maverick sales went to retail customers in 2022, with the remaining 20 percent or so going to commercial customers.

It would be easy to assume that this might be the case because Ford Pro customers aren’t particularly fond of the Maverick, but more likely, it’s a simple matter of supply and demand – many fleet customers likely aren’t able to get their hands on the compact pickup at the moment, which is a problem facing retail consumers as well.

In the meantime, the Maverick continues to rack up not only sales among all types of customers, but also accolades from critics. Most recently, those include Consumer Reports, which placed the hybrid version of the pickup on its list of the most satisfying vehicles on sale today, as well as Kelley Blue Book, which has featured the Maverick on its list of the top considered electrified vehicles for multiple consecutive quarters.

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  1. art

    i love the accolades, but i ordered last september, and only have heard from ford about how they r still working on supply issues….come on….6 months and nothing yet….if the demand is that great-which i believe it is…do something about it…..10 years ago if the problem was too many customers in ANY would be jubilation…now it is only frustration….ford….get your act together before someone else joins this sub truck manufacturing.

    1. Bob

      >>I ordered last September, and only have heard from ford about how they r still working on supply issues<<
      Its not a high margin truck so they have no interest in making them at scale customer be da^^ed. You want to save money wait forever. My car gave up the ghost so I could not wait anymore and my idea of buying a Maverick is no more. Maverick, great idea horrible execution.

    2. W. A. Bud Porter

      Hey Art,
      I waited 9 months for mine..So glad I did..It’s well worth the wait.. I promise you, you are going to love this vehicle..

    3. Mississippi

      Yep, I’m still waiting in line as well. It’s like waiting on your number to hit at the roulette table, or maybe it never does.

  2. Ken Thompson

    I have the same issue. Order confirmation within 24 hours of bank opening. All correspondence deals with supply chain issues. Knew it going in though so as long as I get my Maverick it’s ok.

  3. Fran k Keel

    I will wait for ever even though i am 77 years

  4. Buster

    Maybe the high demand for this cheaply made girly-man trucks is people are reselling them for up to $10K over MSRP.

    1. Gary

      That’s exactly what is happening Buster. Great point. I saw Hertz Car Rental was selling them used on their site. Some had less than 1,000 miles. $35,000

    2. Bosko

      So I guess you weren’t able to get one?

    3. Jeffrey Sproul

      I like mine and have had it since April of last year. I am not a girly man I bought it because I wanted to downsize. The size of a truck doesn’t determine being a man.

  5. Fred

    I am having the same problem placed an order in August 2022 then signed a new contract with the 2023 price in mid September 2022, still don’t have a serial number or build date.

  6. Ark

    Ordered Sept 23, 21 for a 22, never a word from Ford but rec’d my 23 Lariat hybrid with all the bells and whistles this month. At almost 92 it was sure worth the wait! A wonderful truck and a good dealer, Poynters in Seymour, In.

  7. Don

    I ordered my hybrid lariat luxury in September 22 ford confirmed the order sent Emails for production,build and shipping I received it January 17 2023 and I’m very happy with my truck

  8. Robert Weldon

    I first tried to order a Maverick in March of 2022. They closed the list before my order was accepted. I re-ordered when they opened the sales in September. My order was accepted on the second day. They closed taking any orders after 7 days! Here it is, 6 months later and I’m still waiting. It would be nice to get my truck while I can still see to drive!! I’m 72 years young!

    1. Lance Johnson

      Welcome to the “will I still be alive when my Maverick is ready” club

  9. Frank Jordan

    Well, I’m so damn glad that commercial fleets got their trucks, and yet mine, which I ordered in October 2021, still has not arrived yet. Would like to see it sometime this millenium!!

  10. Charles Godfrey

    ” Most Ford Maverick Pickups Went To Retail Buyers In 2022 ”
    Yes, of course they would, and they should have received them first.
    What I want to know, and probably the other 80,000 people that ordered a 2023 Maverick last September is: Where is my truck. It would be awfully nice to have it for use this summer.

  11. JimR

    If ford can’t make and build my Maverick this year (I’ve waited one year so far) next year Toyota is supposed to offer a small hybrid. I’ll bet they can deliver.

    1. Jeff

      Ordered in September 2022.. Picked up February 2023. Lariat 2.0

  12. Robert

    I’m in the same boat as the rest of you, ordered 2022 maverick back in December of 21, switched it to a 2023 last September, still waiting. If I would’ve known this was going to happen, probably wouldn’t have ordered one. Shame on ford, excuses only go so far! Cut options in packages, and still can’t deliver vehicles that have been ordered for more than 18 months! Just get the same regurgitated emails about supplier shortages.

  13. Herb

    I’m pissed. My local Ford dealer in Martinsburg WV, Parsons Ford, has a Maverick exactly how I want one on their lot for sale. Saw it Sunday and thought I’d be waiting for the showroom to open on Monday. Guess again, they have an added sticker with a $10,000 ” market price adjustment ” on it. Bought my Explorer there and that may be the last Ford I buy from them.

  14. Kenneth Van Sickle

    Supply problems everywhere. Can’t keep employees. Moving towards China supply only. Then China shuts us off.
    Sure, Ford emphasizes sale of high margin vehicles, but problem also includes Ford simply can’t meet demand.

  15. Timothy

    Ordered a Hybrid XLT September 16 2022. Only option was the trailer hitch. Saw it was a constraint and had it removed. Still waiting. 3 emails all the same. Supply issues. My old 2003 town & country is on it’s last legs.

  16. MJGMSU1

    Yes like you other sept orders. I’m hear with you. Fords said they were doing something to speed up production by “adding” a 3rd shift in July. Why so long! When ford saw the demand for their new sporty inexpensive car in 1965 they tooled up a 3rd plant almost immediatly.
    Bronco Sports go down same line. I sèe lot of them on Detroit roads but few Mavericks. To most of us cars are a necessity, I’m buying this truck because mine is wearing out. It’s loosing trade in value. Ford has orders for 86,000 vehicles. Instead of 45 day emails about part shortages, give us a month in the future when you are hoping to build our truck. And Finally , all of us have waited a long time, send out a Keychain or waterbottle letting us know you understand our pain.

  17. Larry

    Wow good things comes when you wait for it
    I ordered my Maverick Sept ‘21
    Just got her Feb ‘23
    Worth the wait
    They gave me a 2023 and a discount
    How’s that for customer service
    Wish I ordered two. Lol
    Thanks Ford from Pittsburgh

  18. Sandy

    Gave $500 deposit on 2023 Maverick in August 2022. Still no VIN# and seeing many Mavericks on the streets. Make the personal orders a priority to get us our trucks. IWe drive a 2004 Nissan Frontier and would like to sell it as soon as we have the Maverick.


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