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Multiple Drones Could Jump Start Ford Vehicles In The Future

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for multiple drones that could be used to jump start future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on April 12th, 2017, published on March 28th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11614063.

Ford Patent Mulitple Drones To Jump Start Vehicles 001

The Ford Authority Take

Ford has filed its fair share of drone-related patents in recent months, including one outlining an idea for a jump start system that would use drones to charge Ford vehicles – not to mention another for external jump start battery terminal hookups. Now, this new Ford patent builds upon those previous filings by introducing an idea for multiple drones that could be used to jump start Ford vehicles with dead batteries in the future.

Ford Patent Mulitple Drones To Jump Start Vehicles 002

With drones being used for all sorts of things these days – including last-mile delivery services, search and rescue operations, and many other activities – this new patent aims to deploy the unmanned aircraft to help stranded motorists, who may find themselves stuck somewhere with a dead battery. While a simple jump cable and another vehicle can rectify this problem, if one is stranded in the middle of nowhere, that isn’t always possible.

That’s precisely where this patent comes into play – Ford vehicles would be able to transmit a jump start request when in need, which would be received by one or more drones. Those drones would also receive the vehicle’s location, navigate there, open the hood, establish a connection with the vehicle’s battery, and give it a boost so the motorist can be on their way.

Ford Patent Mulitple Drones To Jump Start Vehicles 003

While not necessarily a totally new concept, this idea does have some merit, particularly for those that live or are traveling in more rural areas where other vehicles aren’t close by. Of course, one could also carry a portable jump pack, but in some cases, those aren’t quite able to get the job done, as this patient points out.

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