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Nearly New 1987 Ford Thunderbird Sport Up For Auction

While early, first-generation models tend to get the bulk of attention from collectors and enthusiasts alike, we’re starting to see more and more newer Ford Thunderbird models pop up for auction and sell for solid money. That list includes, most recently, a 16k-mile 1984 model, a 1990 Super Coupe, and even a 1991 model once owned by NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon. Now, this incredibly clean 1987 Ford Thunderbird has surfaced for sale on Bring a Trailer, and it has a mere 3k original miles showing on the odometer.

1987 Ford Thunderbird Sport - Exterior 002 - Side

Delivered new to Packey Webb Ford in Wheaton, Illinois, this 1987 Ford Thunderbird wound up spending most of its life in North Carolina before it was acquired by the seller last year, and as such, looks essentially brand new. Finished in Dark Shadow Blue Clearcoat Metallic with pinstriping and body-side molding, the exterior is in fantastic shape, and it’s still equipped with its original 14-inch alloy wheels, wrapped in 225/70 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires.

1987 Ford Thunderbird Sport - Interior 001

The same goes for the gorgeous, flawless interior, which is trimmed in Shadow Blue cloth with six-way power-adjustable front bucket seats, a tilt steering wheel, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, power locks, an AM/FM cassette stereo, and an aftermarket Bluetooth adaptor.

1987 Ford Thunderbird Sport - Engine Bay 001

Power for this pristine T-Bird comes from the naturally-aspirated Ford 5.0L V8, which was originally rated to produce 155 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque, flowing to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission and a limited-slip differential. Underneath, a set of power-assisted front disc brakes helps slow the sporty coupe down.

1987 Ford Thunderbird Sport - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Well maintained and clearly loved over the past few decades, this 1987 Ford Thunderbird is about as close as one can get to buying a new one, which is certainly not an opportunity that comes along every day. Whether or not that translates to a big money sale at auction, well, that remains to be seen.

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  1. JE

    From the times when Ford produced real cars and was a serious automobile company and not just a commercial company that produces only a bunch of boring, cookie cutter and unpractical SUV’s and crossovers just because they sell like hot cakes. MB, Audi, BMW, Kia, Tesla among other brands sell sedans succesfully. But Ford can’t.

    1. GetReal

      Can’t BELIEVE a company would build profitable products that sell well. How stupid of them!

      1. JE

        I’m not saying Ford shouldn’t sell SUV’s or crossovers. It’s OK if they are profitable. What I criticize is that Ford simply cancelled it’s sedans (although for example the Fusion/Mondeo was selling well) and let a whole market segment go. Ford competitors hasn’t done that and keep at least one sedans in their lineups (and some like MB, Audi or Tesla keep more than one). What I ask is what Ford competitors are doing all right that Ford isn’t capable of doing it.

        1. Cigna

          When you hire an inexperienced unqualified furniture guy (Failure Farley’s predecessor) to run the show, that’s what you get.

  2. Montana_Patriots

    Years ago, there was a great restaurant on Highway 87 in Central Montana. Not quite a road house, but close enough. Amazing Montana-grown Black Angus beef, the occasional seafood feast, some good chicken options, too. Very popular.
    One day, word got around that the owner was taking a different direction with the restaurant. No more seafood feasts. The beef was no longer Montana-produced. We weren’t sure what happened, but it just wasn’t the same. Some of us stopped going, but some stayed, and continue to enjoy it.
    In these United States, we have more choices for food, transportation, lots of things. And if we don’t like something anymore, we can go somewhere else and find satisfaction there. I did. No harm, no foul; they adapted to suit them, and I adapted to suit myself. Everything is fine.
    I’m not sure where @JE lives, but I’m guessing they/she/he doesn’t have much freedom there. It doesn’t sound like America, that’s for sure. At least not freedom of choice. And that’s too bad.
    I’m sorry, JE; but Ford’s loss of your business is the gain of MB, Audi, BMW, Kia, Tesla and other brands that sell sedans successfully. Happy and peace-filled ownership and driving to you, Bud.
    Happy Trails!

    1. Gary . Virginia.

      I didn’t read anywhere that JE complained about freedom or freedom of choice.

    2. GetReal

      If JE wants to buy sedans from car makers that are rapidly replacing them with crossovers, I’m sure JE will. Just as soon as they up JEs social security so JE can.

  3. JimL

    These were so cool when they came out, even in spite of the massive overhang at each end. Wonderful cars.

  4. Fred Lamp

    Ford sucks,I ordered my 2023 Ford Escape wayyyy back in November,and I can’t get anyone including Ford Authority to tell me if they at least are working on it

    1. Cigna

      Welcome to Failure Farley’s world.

  5. StopTheSpread

    That wheel base could sure use a bit of a stretch. I remember this car when I was a kid. The digital dash was cool. Hopefully someone will buy it and drop a gen 4 Coyote.

  6. mick

    The 1987 Turbo Coupe is a beautiful car and had it all…active suspension, 4 wheel anti-lock braking a very responsive turbo charged motor and space age styling. It handled well and had a comfortable interior with ride to match. I wish I had kept mine, light blue metallic with black rub strip with the red accent line……a great front end with funtional hood scoops for the intercooler and the blacked out tail lights that were actually round. With 190 H.P. it was no slug.

  7. Cigna

    An era when Ford ruled the big 3, those days are gone forever.

    1. Design Chef

      And an era long gone when Ford Motor Company had style. They even had full line cars with 2- 4 doors/ convertibles, wagons. Lincoln was crown jewel and first to get the new tech before filtering down to Mercury and Ford. Now the total opposite with Ford getting all the new stuff and Lincoln playing second fiddle.

  8. Justin

    While the car is absolutely beautiful.. Am I the only one that sees the ware on the break pedal? I personally own a 46k 87 and my pedal is pristine there is something up with this car no way it wore out in 3k miles

    1. Ken

      The console seems to have some elbow wear on it as well

  9. Deb

    When and where is this auction? Still up for grabs? This was my first car. A beast and man I miss the smell of it. Anyone got 1 for sale?


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