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Next-Gen Electric Ford Truck, Project T3, Made Official

With a trio of products on sale in the U.S. already, Ford’s rapid EV expansion figures to kick into high gear over the next couple of years as the automaker strives to produce two million all-electric vehicles globally, each year, by 2026. The key to this rapid ramp up will be Ford’s second-generation EV products, which will be simpler in nature and ride on dedicated platforms, helping them turn a profit for The Blue Oval. Aside from the next-gen Ford F-150 Lightning – which is due to arrive in 2025 – FoMoCo has already confirmed that an as-yet-unnamed next-generation electric Ford F-Series model will be built at the under-construction BlueOval City complex in Tennesee starting in 2025. Now, the automaker has made this next-gen electric Ford truck official by revealing its code name – Project T3, which stands for “Trust the Truck.”

This next-generation electric Ford truck aims to build upon the existing F-150 Lightning and grow/reinvent the automaker’s iconic pickup lineup, one built in a high-tech, futuristic facility. The automaker says this new product will be fully updatable and constantly improving, while also doing all of the things that trucks are supposed to do, such as haul, tow, and provide portable sources of power, which is already the case with the company’s Pro Power Onboard generator.

As for BlueOval City itself, the revolutionary campus will be capable of producing 500,000 EV pickups a year at full tilt, though it will also be environmentally sound as the automaker’s very first carbon neutral production facility. Efficiently packaged, BlueOval City’s general assembly area is 30 percent smaller than a traditional plant, yet it offers greater production capacity, with a focus on reducing water and natural gas consumption.

In addition to having luxuries like a Lowe’s Home Improvement store on-site to supply building materials, BlueOval City will also have a fully-integrated BlueOval SK battery manufacturing site, which allows the automaker to assemble battery packs and then deliver them to the assembly plant in less than 30 minutes. An on-site supplier park is also in the works, which will upfit assembled pickups with things like spray-in bedliners, toolboxes, and various other types of accessories prior to delivery.

“Project T3 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to revolutionize America’s truck,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley. “We are melding 100 years of Ford truck know how with world class electric vehicle, software, and aerodynamics talent. It will be a platform for endless innovation and capability. PJ O’Rourke once described American pickups as ‘a back porch with an engine attached.’ Well, this new truck is going to be like the Millennium Falcon – with a back porch attached. The manufacturing process will be equally breakthrough, with radical simplicity, cost efficiency, and quality technology that will make BlueOval City the modern-day equivalent of Henry Ford’s Rouge factory. A factory of the future that people from all over the world will want to tour.”

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  1. Bigburningassteve

    So Jim, you can make up to 500000 truck per year but who will buy them? The f150 lightning is just an expensive grocery getter! Can’t tow anything more than 100 miles and what happens when China cuts you off from batteries? Jimbo, your making a huge mistake and think you should be fired immediately!

    1. Mike

      Agreed, the Lightning is not a long distance tow vehicle. If you are a landscaper doing a local business, it’s awesome. If you are a contractor in a metro area its a great choice. But towing your boat 200 miles or your RV cross country, look elsewhere.

  2. Dan

    The WSJ just released a big article about how EVs put Ford in a deep financial hole. I guess Ford wants to learn the hard way that Americans aren’t interested in EVs.

    1. Sean

      Switching to new types of technology requires significant investment. Tesla bled billions for years before becoming profitable. Ford has a plan and will make a profit. Many Americans including myself are very interested in EVs.

    2. Mike

      For sure one American isn’t interested in EVs, its Dan. Lots of us other Americans are interested. That’s why they created the waiting lists.

  3. W.E. Sanders

    Are the autoworkers at this new facility going to represented by the UAW?

  4. Mike

    Ford broke out the Model e division results so Wall St. can see that the ICE division is performing profitably. But thoughtful people know that making huge investments in EV will take something from the overall picture. These are investments with relatively few sales because there is not sufficient capacity without investment. GM has already taken their hits and is about to turn Ultium to gold.

  5. W.E. Sanders

    I, for one, would NOT be interested in purchasing a new f-150 Lighting from a non represented facility. I do agree with your assessment that the status of the facility will be a major issue at contract negotiations and the outcome will impact the labor/mgt. relationships across multiple bargaining locations.

  6. Jim Aldrich

    Can we send see more Maverick info about the Hybrid version? When can I get one?


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