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One-Third Of Americans Thinking About Buying An EV: Report

While automakers continue to expand their collective all-electric vehicle lineups, many recent studies have shown that many shoppers have some hesitation and concerns revolving around those types of vehicles. While an increasing number of those polled indicate that they’re interested in EVs, many are worried about charging infrastructure, range, or the cost of possibly replacing a battery. However, Ford continues to enjoy strong EV demand among both retail and commercial customers, regardless. Now, a new poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos has found that one-third of Americans are at least thinking about buying an EV at some point in the near future.

The online survey polled 4,410 Americans across the country, and was conducted over the course of a week. When the results were tallied, 34 percent of participants said they would consider purchasing an EV as their next vehicle, while 31 percent said they would not. In terms of pricing, 56 percent of respondents said that they would be willing to pay no more than $49,999 for that new all-electric vehicle, however.

In terms of range expectations, 35 percent said that they want an EV that’s capable of traveling at least 500 miles on a charge, while 37 percent would like to see a minimum of 300 miles of range.

With more than 80 EV models currently on sale in the U.S., all-electric vehicles represented just a six percent share of the entire new vehicle market in 2022, but sales grew by 60 percent year-over-year. With stricter emissions laws being enacted and billions being invested in EV and battery development and production, those figures are likely to continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, while both the U.S. government and automakers working overtime to win over consumers who aren’t quite convinced that electric vehicles are the future.

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  1. EcoBoost29579

    There’s a HUGE difference between thinking about and actually buying. Survey means absolutely nothing.

    1. Portmanteau

      You are so right. EcoBoost29579.

      Perhaps the headline should have been, ” Survey Indicates 2/3 of Americans Are Not Considering Buying an EV.” Just saying…

    2. Boomer

      Ya, And I’am thinking about Buying Tom Cruise’s Mansion in Beverly Hills! NOT. As the saying goes…… Well DONE…. Is Better than Well SAID…. Keep thinking, Charging equipment Installation is Extremely Expensive!

  2. RWFA

    You seem not to understand the purpose of surveys NC.

    Surveys are indicative.

    Same survey (questions and conditions) over time can show trends.

    1. Boomer


  3. John

    The only way I’ll ever buy an EV is if it can outrun a top fuel car until that happens internal combustion will always be superior

    1. RWFA

      Why set the bar so low?

      Pro tip: Top fuel is quick but really sucks in the turns and at the drive thru car wash. Also can’t close your average garage door if you put it in the garage.

  4. Larz

    Just like the recent news articles are saying….Americans don’t care for EVs.

  5. TheHobbit


    1. Boomer

      “O” So TRUE TheHobbit. And In California where they are OUT Lawing Natural Gas Water Heaters and Natural Gas Fired Furnace’s and requiring “EVERYTHING” to Be Operated by Electricity, It’s gonna be a S _ _ _ Show to say the Least. And ALL other States will follow the Lead of the GOLDEN STATE because the “Government” Will Require them to do so. It’s BIG BROTHER Forcing everyone on the Planet to do as they say! And…. They can do as they Please.

  6. Lincoln Fan Mark

    It would be laughable, if not so costly to the United States. The federal government dangles consumer rebates (which are really just a regressive tax) and hands out billions of tax dollars to manufacturers just to push a product that has questionable climate benefit when weighed against the requirement for more fossil fueled power plant capacity to add thousands of charging stations (good luck generating that electricity with solar panels).

    Similar to “Cash for Clunkers” that subsidized removing 600,000 used vehicles (many of which had lots of useful life left), spiking used car prices, and depriving lower income folks of affordable transportation at that time. More social engineering that was oblivious to unintended consequences for millions of Americans.

  7. Mike says...

    Interesting read, however surveys are at best, trial balloons used to promote an idea or want. The difference between wanting and buying is largely an economic one that most customers will find too expensive.
    Also, one has to wonder about the real relevance around the cost of battery replacement? If BEV battery life expectancy reaches ICE ownership expectancy, then cost of purchase, operating and maintenance and insurance are the only real factors.
    Very few people buy a new ICE engine for their old car… the same will be for BEV vehicles. In both cases the consumer buys a new ride, not a new engine or a new battery.
    The kicker here is that used ICE vehicles are resold, rebuilt and reused. The same cannot be said for a spent BEV battery vehicles.
    BEV are nice for many reasons, but they are also way to expensive.
    I doubt there will ever be a secondary market for them because of battery costs alone….. that means, BEV like your smartphone will become a throwaway with few options for the consumer other than to buy a new one.
    This is classical ‘business churn’ …. plain and simple.
    BEV cheerleaders will work to sham ICE ownership and claim their goal of saving the planet…. sadly, their position is build on the biggest fantasy ever and not particularly truthful or transparent.
    We will see….

    1. Jon

      Mike, you make a whole bunch of statements, almost none of which have any basis in fact or reality. I suggest before forming so many opinions about things you clearly don’t know anything about, that you first make the attempt to inform yourself. Because showing the world your ignorance doesn’t do anyone any good, especially you.

      1. Mike says...

        Dear Jon…. I actually take a number of positions that clearly make you uncomfortable.
        That said, I expressed an opinion that is actually very well informed.
        You on the other hand simply dismiss what seems to threaten some position you hold but don’t disclose… which is fine.
        My only beef with you Jon would be that you refrain from attacking me personally and rather ‘ignorantly’ to use your choice of words.
        You don’t know me, and you don’t appear to have any stated opinion or positions having to do with BEV in general.
        So tell me what it is you are… ‘showing the world’ short of bad manners and no meaningful comment?

  8. Jon

    EV sales in California now make up more than 20% of all new car sales. This growth will continue by several percentage points every year going forward. The day will come in the coming years in which gas stations will be a rarity – no demand means stations close. So those who continue to drive ICE vehicles will be the ones wanting “500 mile range” What a joke. And a hoot.

    1. John

      Over 20%??? Flat out wrong. EVs are strugglingbad as almost every Automotive new site says.

  9. Bob

    Keep dreaming Jon.


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