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Raptor Off-Road Driving Light Upgrade Kit Details Revealed

Among the many upgrades available for modern off-road-focused vehicles, additional lighting is one of the more popular, for obvious reasons. Folks that take these types of vehicles out in the woods or deep down trails in the wilderness need that extra lighting to illuminate the trail ahead, so that they can see the objects, obstacles, or even creatures that might be in their path. Now, Ford Performance has revealed its new Raptor Off-Road Driving Light Upgrade Kit, which gives owners of 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Raptor and 2022-2023 Ford Bronco Raptor models with factory equipped fog lights a chance to do precisely that.

As off-road-related parts and accessories have become more and more popular, The Blue Oval has added a bevy of them to its catalog, including a roof-mounted off-road light bar for the Ford Bronco, a light kit for the Ford Explorer Timberline, Rigid fog lights for the Ford Ranger, and a Rigid kit for the Bronco. Now, we can add the new Raptor Off-Road Driving Light Upgrade Kit to this list, which was also developed in partnership with Rigid.

This new kit gives owners of the Bronco Raptor and third-gen F-150 Raptor the ability to swap out their factory auxiliary light assemblies with Rigid’s SR-M Driving Lamps in the OEM fog light location. This kit comes with everything one needs to accomplish that task, helping to maintain the OEM look while also making these assemblies plug-and-play with no cutting or splicing required. Better yet, the kits come already assembled, making installation even easier.

Sold in pairs, this new kit is available in the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-15200-RDL, and it retails for $365. However, it is worth noting that these lights are approved for off-road use only, as one might imagine, as they’re far too bright to fire up on public roads.

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    Any off road lighting upgrades for Tremors?


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