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Saleen SA-40 Speedster Debuts As Final S550 Mustang Model

Saleen is a name that’s been closely associated with the Ford Mustang for decades, after its namesake – Steve – created some of the most coveted hi-po versions of the Fox Body on the market. That tradition continues today, as Saleen continues to offer performance parts and turnkey, modified versions of the pony car, including the S302, which looks, sounds, and performs much differently than its stock counterpart. Now, the latest and greatest addition to this lineup has arrived – the brand new Saleen SA-40 Speedster, which is the tuner’s final – and very special – version of the S550-gen model.

The Saleen SA-40 Speedster is special for that reason and many more, as the “40” portion of its namesake pays tribute to the company’s 40th year in business, which also just so happens to be the final year for the S550 Mustang. Thus, Saleen went all-out with this new pony car – of which just 10 total units will be produced, making it a truly rare variant.

All 10 of those cars will be finished in a proprietary Saleen hue dubbed Speedlab Yellow, which is contrasted by a series of white and black accents. On the outside, the SA-40 is equipped with unique bodywork and wheels, a newly designed tonneau cover with a dual hoop, and a carbon fiber-style bar. Inside the cabin, the SA-40 features a 40th anniversary interior package, while the drop top is underpinned with a Racecraft suspension and Saleen brakes.

The Saleen SA-40 Speedster is based on the 302 Black Label, which means that it’s equipped with a supercharged Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote powerplant that has been treated to a unique calibration, a high-volume intercooler, 47 pound injectors, a high-performance air filter, Saleen induction system, and a free-flowing exhaust, which helps it generate a healthy 800 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque.

The price for all of this goodness comes in at $142,000 to start, making this a pricey pony car by anyone’s measure. However, with just 10 total units in existence, it’s highly unlikely that those that own one will ever pass another out on the road.

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  1. ViperACR

    Looks like a body kit and parts from the JC Whitney catalog.

  2. Cmw458

    Shelby’s speedster > this.

  3. Keith

    OVERWEIGHT. This tank is NOT a Speedster. A speedster is the automotive equivalent to a Bobber motorcycle. It’s all about getting rid of excess weight. This thing is just another overpowered tank.

  4. Gary . Virginia.

    Awesome looking 🚗.


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