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This Ford E-Transit Configuration Is First Of Its Kind

Competing in the brand new EV van segment, the Ford E-Transit immediately established its dominance and became the best-selling such vehicle throughout 2022 with a 73 percent share of the market. The Ford E-Transit has enjoyed a warm welcome from all sorts of commercial customers thus far, including New York City – which has placed multiple orders for that model – as well as the United States Postal Service. In total, Ford E-Transit customers have racked up over 12 million miles in the U.S. and Canada, saving more than 745,000 gallons of gas and over 4.3 million kg of CO2 when compared to its gas-powered equivalent, according to the automaker. Now, the very first Ford E-Transit Type A school bus has debuted at the 2023 Work Truck Week show in Indianapolis, too.

This Ford E-Transit Type A school bus is indeed the first of its kind, according to Ford Pro Global Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Wanda Young, and it opens up an entirely new market for the all-electric model. Type A school buses are smaller than Type B, C, and D units – the latter of which are the larger vehicles that most of us are used to seeing on a regular basis – and are constructed utilizing a cutaway front section vehicle with a left side driver’s door.

From there, Type A school buses are broken down into two categories, generally – Type A1, which feature a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or less, or Type A2, with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) that’s greater than 10,000 pounds. As for this E-Transit school bus, it may be the first of its kind, but it certainly seems likely to become a more common sight on the roads in future years.

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