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13-Mile 2004 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab Up For Auction

We’ve seen plenty of time capsule Blue Oval models emerge at auctions in recent months, including a 190-mile 2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus Edition, a 3k-mile 1987 Ford Thunderbird, and a 2014 Ford F-150 with just 1,400 miles on the clock. However, this 2004 Ford Super Duty chassis cab model up for grabs at Bring a Trailer right now beats all of those vehicles in that regard, as it has a mere 13 miles showing on its odometer.

2004 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab With 13 Miles - Exterior 002 - Side

It’s unclear why this 2004 Ford Super Duty has sat around for nearly 20 years without being driven, but the seller notes that the original owner stored it away after purchasing it and never used it before selling it last year. Regardless, someone now has the chance to buy what is essentially a brand new 2004 model chassis cab that looks like it just rolled off an assembly line, or at least onto a dealer’s lot.

2004 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab With 13 Miles - Interior 001

The red Super Duty is an XLT-trimmed model and features some chrome up front, as well as dual rear wheels out back. It’s ready to upfit for a variety of reasons, whether that be with a flat bed or a large, enclosed unit, and is equipped with side steps, roof clearance lights, power-extending towing mirrors, 19.5-inch wheels, and Continental General LMT 400 tires, with stabilizer bars, heavy-duty shock absorbers, manually locking front hubs, and four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes underneath.

2004 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab With 13 Miles - Engine Bay 001

As one might imagine, the inside of this single cab is simple as well, with little more than Medium Flint cloth seating, though it has some amenities including power windows and locks, a CD/cassette radio, automatic climate control, cruise control, and a six-way adjustable driver’s seat. Power comes from the turbocharged Ford 6.0L V8 Power Stroke diesel engine generating 325 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, flowing to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and a 4.30-geared limited slip rear end.

2004 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab With 13 Miles - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Though we’d certainly like to know the real story behind this brand new 2004 Ford Super Duty chassis cab, it is a pretty intriguing auction offering as-is, particularly for someone that wants to buy a workhorse without paying new truck money – after all, these things aren’t exactly what one might call collector’s items, which could make it a solid bargain when the hammer falls.

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  1. Newshoes

    Buyer beware, it has the dreaded 6.0L diesel …

  2. Jay Jay

    All kinds of little gremlins will show themselves if someone actually puts this thing into daily service. I’d much rather have one that had been driven regularly.




    Imagine buying a ticket for the maiden voyage of the Titanic and you knew it was going down. Being a mechanic at Ford when they came out, these were the absolute WORST!!!!! Only buy this if you are a sadist or you like to have it drop dead all the time and you have to take it apart frequently. Seriously the engine should have zippers on it, not bolts. The ‘04’s were horrible. Don’t worry some dumb ass will buy it.


    Thinking more about this truck, if you wanted to keep it as a museum piece, that’s a good idea. Or, pull the 6.0 and drop in a Cummins. Two good options!
    Seriously this thing is just a ticking time bomb. If it wasn’t the EGR coolers rupturing. The engine oil cooler plugging up or any of the various high pressure O rings failing or the High Pressure oil pump failing or the FICM module or the injectors. Wow I could go on forever! They did help me make a living fixing them. College costs a lot. I just replaced a turbocharger and a fan clutch this past weekend. Sadly they are all rotting away now. It was good while it lasted.

  6. Bud Bundy

    On the plus side, there aren’t enough miles to plug the EGR so first stop would be to desmog it. But really, a chassis cab is kind of meh.

  7. Bob B.

    13 miles, yup, ’bout due for head gaskets and an EGR cooler. Hope the oil isn’t full of diesel. Agree, great candidate for a Cummins swap. Nothing wrong with the rest of the truck.

  8. The Retired Viking

    Is the warranty still in force?!?

  9. Wesley scott

    I’d swap the engine out for a 7.3 or a 12 valve Cummins with the P pump at least that way you would be able to trust it to get you where your going and then back home. I used my 2004 F350 from Charleston,SC to key west pulling our camper and about 400 miles into the trip I had 2 injectors die on the peice of s_it engine

  10. Wesley scott

    I just wish I could find a Cummins 12valve 5.9 with the P 7100 fuel pump I would swap it out in a hart beat that way I’d have a dependable engine


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