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1995 Ford F-150 Became A Hot Mess After Screw Ups: Video

In recent months, David Long – a master mechanic and purveyor of the YouTube channel Car Wizard – has churned out all sorts of interesting Blue Oval-related content, including a teardown and overview of the Ford 5.4L Triton V8 three-valve engine, a repair rundown of a customer’s 1990 Ford F-150 and its 5.0L/302 cubic-inch V8, the Lincoln LS and its European roots, a modified 2010 Ford E-Series van, and the minor disassembly of a Ford F-150 Lightning. Now, Long is back with yet another interesting video, this time going over the many botched repairs performed on a customer’s 1995 Ford F-150.

1995 Ford F-150 Bad Repairs - Interior 001

Though the owner of this 1995 Ford F-150 is a regular customer of Long’s, he was a bit short on time and wanted to get his pickup repaired, so he took it to another shop instead. Unfortunately for him, that move might have saved him some money and time in the short term, but it also cost him even more than it would have if he had been a little more patient, as Long explains here.

1995 Ford F-150 Bad Repairs - Engine Bay 001

For starters, the other shop couldn’t diagnose the truck’s coolant leak, which is clearly coming from the lower radiator hose, as is immediately evident by taking a quick peek under the hood. Additionally, the air conditioning wasn’t blowing very cold, and both of these problems cost a total of $900 to “fix.” However, once he got his truck back, the owner noticed that more problems had arisen – the speedometer and odometer had stopped working due to the fact that the shop tested it and caused a short-circuit in the process, for one.

On top of that, the shop broke some trim clips while removing interior parts, even cracking the plastic in one instance. As Long points out, there was simply no reason for the instrument cluster to be removed in the first place, which makes this destruction even more frustrating. Making matters worse, the shop charged the air conditioner, but also disconnected the arm from the vacuum servo, which resulted in it not working properly anyway. If nothing else, this instance is a great reminder of why finding a reputable, trustworthy automotive repair shop is so important – unless one is capable of doing that kind of work themselves.

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  1. Materialman

    And sadly you see this every single day. And it’s not just cars and trucks, it’s EVERYTHING. I don’t know if it’s lack of training, or they just don’t give a dam. The problem with vehicles not being repaired properly, is you can break down, or worse, it can cost you your life.

    1. chip66

      This is what happens when everyone should and deserves to go to college.

      A skilled mechanic easily makes more than most college grads these days. At least that part of capitalism is still working.


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