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2018 Lincoln MKZ Better Used Luxury Buy Than Genesis G80

Gone but not forgotten, the Lincoln MKZ continues to earn accolades, years after its discontinuation. That list includes ranking as the top premium mid-size car in J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Dependability Study, one of best used vehicles for under $15k by iSeeCars, as well as one of the best used cars that cost between $15k and $20k, a top 10-year-old hybrid for the money, and one of the most reliable three-year-old models on the market, all from Consumer Reports. Now, that same consumer organization continues to lavish praise on the luxurious sedan, this time on the 2018 Lincoln MKZ specifically, which it says is a better buy than the Genesis G80.

To come up with these rankings, Consumer Reports leaned on its own road test data, as well as its member-derived Annual Auto Surveys, which gives it a good comparison of how reliable a vehicle is compared to another from the same model year. From there, it divides vehicles into two categories – a model that’s popular yet not a great choice, a better alternative, and another alternative that’s considered to be “under the radar,” or not quite as well-known.

Both of these types of alternatives have received Consumer Reports‘ recommend rating, meaning that each is reliable, performed well in road and safety testing, and comes with an array of standard or optional safety tech features. In that regard, the 2018 Lincoln MKZ proved to be the superior pick when compared to the Genesis G80 because it’s “the most appealing and well-executed Lincoln in memory, according to CR.

Consumer Reports praised the MKZ’s ride quality and comfort, along with the hybrid’s excellent fuel economy, plush interior, above average reliability, and easy to use controls. By comparison, the G80 offers up below average reliability, which is its biggest knock, though fuel economy ratings, handling, and ride comfort lag behind the competition as well.

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  1. JE

    From the times when Lincoln produced real luxury cars and was a serious automobile company. Today with a boring lineup of just cookie cutter SUV’s and crossovers is not even competitive and is way behind its competitors.

    1. John

      Lincoln defined the luxury SUV market. Now they are just chasing the competition.

      1. Edward

        No. We test drove several other makes/models before choosing the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring. The Audi Q5, while very sporty, just wasn’t luxury inside (with many very cheap looking/feeling pieces taken from the VW bin). The Volvo XC60 was very nice, but the efficiency of the battery power wasn’t up to par (they’ve increased it a lot since). The Lexus NX is a nice sporty car, but it, too, just isn’t a luxury vehicle. It is noisy and the ride is horrible. Nice tech, though. The Lincoln provided what we wanted, a true luxury vehicle with the tech and features we desired.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    As a retired 40 year dealership manager I was surprised that Hyundai was able to launch the Genisis brand with immediate success. I would like to know how many G buyers even shopped and compared Lincoln and Cadillac before buying Genisis. Was the decision based on comparison, or was it, ” its import so it must be better”. Which it is NOT.

    1. Robert

      It’s sad that so many people still feel like that. They are going on 40 year old opinions. The new Toyota I bought back in 97 was one of the most expensive cars to maintain of the 30 or so I’ve owned. The Fords and Chevys required the least maintenance and repairs.

    2. JE

      I didn´t compared or even considered Lincoln (and I´ve been owner of several Lincolns) for the simple reason that Lincoln doesn´t produce any sedan or sports coupe. I don´t buy SUV´s or crossovers because I don´t like them. In my case, the problem is not if imports are better or not, but the fact that Lincoln doesn´t sell what I need and like. The day Lincoln produces a sedan again or a sports coupe, you can be sure I will consider Lincoln. Not before.

  3. John

    Of course it’s a great car. That’s why Ford cancelled it.

  4. Lurch

    To the tune of Genesis’ “Paper Late”:

    Stupid Ford! Stupid Ford!
    Gave it up for ugly people pods!
    Oh, it’s too easy to blame it on customers now…
    So dry your eyes!

  5. The Real Deal

    Love my 2018 Hybrid! My 2015 was great also. Hybrid is the answer NOT EVs, why don’t they get it? Ford introduced their first Hybrid in 2004. Have you noticed that despite all the HOODOO about EVs that Toyota is only doing Hybrids?


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