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2022 Ford Maverick Gets Fiesta ST Steering Wheel Swapped In

As we’ve seen in the recent past, the 2022 Ford Maverick can easily accept a number of components from the Blue Oval parts bin, largely thanks to the fact that many of them are shared with other models. Thus far, Maverick owners have successfully swapped over the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster from a Ford Escape Titanium, as well as the steering wheel from that same type of crossover, enabling them to add cruise control when it wasn’t available from the factory – at least for the base XL trim. Now, a 2022 Ford Maverick owner and member of the Maverick Truck Club has successfully swapped a Fiesta ST steering wheel into their pickup, too.

2022 Ford Maverick XL Fiesta ST Steering Wheel Swap - Interior 003 - Comparison

This particular 2022 Ford Maverick is also a base XL model, and the owner wanted to jazz up the interior a bit. They began digging around and found a few aftermarket options, as well as others that have installed Mk8 Fiesta ST-Line wheels in their pickups. However, this particular owner soon decided that they wanted a real-deal Fiesta ST steering wheel, though that mission seemed futile at first.

2022 Ford Maverick XL Fiesta ST Steering Wheel Swap - Interior 002

After searching eBay and coming up short, the Maverick owner did locate a custom aftermarket unit, but that was far too pricey at around $600. Thus, they wound up going so far as to import an Mk8 Fiesta ST flat bottom wheel from Jastrzebie Zdrój, Poland, a process that took a mere 12 days and set them back around $374.

2022 Ford Maverick XL Fiesta ST Steering Wheel Swap - Interior 001

From there, swapping this new steering wheel for the old one requires also swapping out the OEM wiring harness from the Maverick wheel into the Fiesta piece, as the European unit isn’t compatible with the U.S. airbag and horn connector, nor will the multifunction switch operate properly, meaning that it must also be transferred over. However, once that process is complete, this low-rent Maverick interior looks quite a bit better and has a nicer feel to it, according to the owner.

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  1. Bosko

    Why this for an upgrade? Does it add anything?

  2. Jack Settle

    How about producing some Mavericks, 7 months and all i get are excuse letters.

  3. Rf

    I’m sure you all don’t agree, but I think the Ford Maverick has the plainest ugliest interior I’ve ever seen in a vehicle. It kind of reminds me of the the old Maverick itself Spartan, plain and dull

    1. Kevin

      I kinda agree it looks like a quick cheap Marriott. Like it just reaches the acceptable bar but just barely. I think people are just happy it’s rather affordable. I’m not even sure they will give it a makeover since it sells out faster then the cheap pizza at Costco. They have announced when the orders will reopen and there’s no mention of a rehab, because they know it will sell without a 10 inch screen. I’d like a Maverick but I’ll wait for a refresh.

  4. Diane

    I’ve also been waiting since September for my Maverick. Just got 2 notifications. 1st would be built June 19th then June 12th. They still don’t have their nuts together!

  5. Larry

    Long story. I ordered my 2022 maverick xlt Sept 6 2021. It was delivered Feb 22 2023 yes over 18 months of waiting. It was not the truck I ordered. Ford changed the options in the xlt package. No remote starter that I wanted. They dropped the tonneau cover but didn’t charge me for it yet the price was what I agreed to. After waiting so long I took it home anyway. I like the truck but not the way I was cheated. If you want great mpg and a small pickup this is a great choice.

  6. Adam

    Are we going to get our ordered mavericks this summer? Has anyone heard anything? I’ve order a hybrid last September and I’m ok with waiting but I’ll get something else if it’s going to be pushed to 24!


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