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2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Price Increases Yet Again

Since its launch, the high-performance Ford Bronco Raptor has garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike, not only in the U.S. – but also other parts of the world, including Mexico and the Middle East. However, like most in-demand vehicles these days, the Ford Bronco Raptor has also proven to be difficult to obtain, particularly since the rugged SUV is only available for existing order holders, or via dealer stock, where it’s routinely sold with massive markups attached to the MSRP. Unfortunately for the select few that can order one or purchase it at sticker price, that endeavor continues to get more expensive, too, as the price of the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor has risen once again.

After originally launching with a $68,500 MSRP sans destination and delivery charges, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor received an increase of $5,280, bringing its sticker price up to $73,780. However, back in February, that price jumped once again by $2,800, and another $2,000 in March. Now, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor has gotten even more expensive as the rugged off-roader is currently listed with a base price of $83,580 – not including destination charges.

That represents a significant $15,080 price increase for the Bronco Raptor since its launch, or around 22 percent. It’s also now more expensive than its closest competitor – the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 – which starts out at $82,495, minus destination charges.

Of course, the Bronco Raptor isn’t the only Blue Oval product to receive a price increase in recent years, as the Ford F-150 Lightning, in particular, has gotten significantly more expensive since its launch. Following multiple price jumps, the entry-level Pro version of the EV pickup has gone from just under $40k to a hair under $60k, while the rest of the lineup has also received its own round of price increases. In fact, one of the few FoMoCo products that has received a price cut in recent months is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, albeit following multiple rounds of increases prior to that.

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  1. JimL

    LOL. F* them. Seriously. And I can say that because I’ve driven Fords almost exclusively for 44 years now.

    1. Mrx19

      You got it. Every economic indicator predicts a 2008 like recession is now pretty much assured. Screw the manufacturers and dealers when they have cars stacked like cord wood on their lots.

  2. Jetfixxxer

    They are getting as bad as Gibson Guitars. F*** their price increases, but people are willing to pay for them so they are going to increase the prices. Been driving Fords since ’94 and currently have five of them in my household. Next vehicle might not be a Ford.

  3. David Dickinson II

    What we are witnessing is really quite profound. Ford it jettisoning its “every man” image and focusing on high-margin opportunities. It will be very interesting to watch this play out over the next decade or so.

  4. Tim

    Was going to try and purchase a bronco but after this I’m getting a bigger boat.

  5. Mackie

    This is just the limited build Raptor version. It’s an off road race performance vehicle. Why should Ford let the dealer get massive ADMs for doing nothing to design, tool, build, test and manufacture this beast? Dealers will still charge ADMs but get a much smaller piece of the pie.
    If demand slows the price will come back down.
    Not one complainer above had any intention of getting a Bronco Raptor before any of these price increases.

  6. Bronco Billy

    Mackie nails it. Ford has a great product. It’s designed for very limited production. They should charge what the market will pay and profit off it. If you can’t afford the highest end Bronco, buy the next level down. There’s plenty of choices now.

  7. Michael J Genzale

    Dealers marking them up big time. Buyers throwing them on BaT getting a tidy profit. Ford figures, why not them. The manufactures always call the dealers their ‘partners’ in tuff times, not so much in good times.

    1. Mackie

      You call massive post COVID supply base and chip shortages ‘good times’? The dealers exploited this. Most car salesmen do much better than UAW auto workers, neither requires higher education.

  8. Kevin

    85,000 for a vehicle that will probably never be driven on anything but paved roads – the manufactures have skillfully
    Convinced the consumer that they actually need this off road capability in
    Anything they drive – when in reality
    They are picking up kids from school and
    Going to the supermarket – ford should stick to making reasonably priced – front wheel CARS – that don’t break – and get off this legacy model – truck strategy – Henry ford must be rolling in his grave –

  9. Mike

    I big blame on the crazy price increases is the massive losses they are taking on every EV they sell. Get rid of the EVs and bring back some sedans.


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