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2023 Ford Escape Production Is Back On Track

The refreshed 2023 Ford Escape was revealed last September, with deliveries expected to begin in early 2023 – at that time. However, in February, Ford paused Escape production after discovering a quality issue that we later learned was software-related, and that shutdown was eventually extended all the way into March. Turns out, the problem was traced back to the instrument cluster, and a simple re-flash corrected it, allowing The Blue Oval to resume production with no further issues, as the automaker revealed in its latest sales report.

After building just 494 2023 Ford Escape models in February, the automaker managed to ramp that number up to 11,771 units in March, which is a significant jump by any measure. However, it’s worth noting that The Blue Oval only assembled 159 Lincoln Corsair crossovers at the same plant over the same time span, as the Escape’s more luxurious brethren was also facing the same software-related issue. It’s unclear why that’s the case, but it’s notable, regardless.

Order banks for the 2023 Ford Escape closed back in January, as Ford Authority previously reported, at least for retail customers. Dealer stock orders are still being accepted, though given these production issues and supply constraints, the automaker isn’t guaranteeing that those models will get built, either.

In the meantime, the refreshed Escape offers buyers an affordable and economical choice in the compact crossover space, one that has also won its fair share of accolades recently. That list includes a spot on Consumer Reportslist of recommended vehicles, one of the best American vehicles on sale today, and one of the best hybrid SUVs that cost less than $35k lists.

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  1. MJ

    A plant needs to assemble 240,000 vehicles to be profitable on average. Took Ford 2 months to fix a simple re flash of the displays?
    Seems they are purposely killing the Escape and Corsair 2023 production as they want to kill off the only small SUVs they make . At this rate that will only produce 50-75,000 vehicles this year. No profit at all, only big loses . Gotta switch to expensive environmentally destructive EVs that cost too much with short driving range. The woke OEMs will be begging peole to buy EVs as they are already reaching Market saturation. Most people want ICE vehicles which are cheaper, longer range , refuel quickly , and are actually more environmentally friendly as they don’t require massive strip mining by child labor for needed battery rare earn minerals from China .

    1. JM

      Lot of opinion, not a lot of facts. Crazy that we have so much information available and this is where you land on the situation. Best of luck.

      1. MJ

        All facts, EVs are the worst for the environment. Too bad we have the climate crazies setting policy . There is climate change, it’s called the weather. climate kooks have been predicting sea level up 25 ft 30 years ago , all proven wrong. Dummy how all the rich elites have all recently bought multi million dollar sea last estate. All projections are political for control of the citizens. Does anyone really think the government that can’t even secure our own border can control the weather, totally crazy

        1. Bigfoot

          You do tend to exaggerate to the extreme.
          So much so, that you are easily dismissed.

  2. Lincoln Fan Mark

    159 Corsairs produced? Hardly enough to supply dealers in one or two large states much less the nation. It’s almost laughable if it weren’t so sad for American legacy brands Lincoln and Ford. I understand FMC is playing “catch-up” on electrification and past leadership may be to blame there. But jumping headfirst into E-vehicles while ignoring the ICE product lines that are still paying the bills for all that R&D is poor resource allocation. The buck stops in Farley’s office in Dearborn.

    We still own our 2015 MKC and it’s been a fine vehicle after 84,000 miles. A ’22 Corsair loaner was provided recently during a service visit and it represents a substantial improvement over our MKC. It could or should be Lincoln’s best seller and the model that gets first time Lincoln owners in the showrooms.

  3. Jay

    Farley should be fired. I was going to be a Ford customer but not now. Double the recalls as the next closest automaker, no 2023 Escape yet and no replacement for the Ecosport and Edge (Ford best vehicle). Ridiculous! I may never own an electric car. Focus on quality now, not EVs.

    1. Bigfoot

      Turns out Teslas are recalled more than any other brand in America—and by a long shot. There were 400 NTHSA recalls issued in 2022, impacting more than 25 million vehicles.

  4. Bigfoot

    I live in Ohio and I really don’t want to deal with an electric vehicle.
    Our 5 months of cold weather affects mileage negatively.
    My 2023 Escape Platinum was finally delivered, 6 months after ordering it.
    Expect to spend some serious time programing it using multiple menus.
    Ford Pass on my phone is a nice addition.

  5. Bill Cotten

    I love the Ford Escape and have owned two of them. I would like to own a 2023 Escape as soon as I can get one. I own a 2021 Ford Mustang, 2012 Mitsubishi MEIV electric, 2015 Ford Escape, and a 2002 Trans Am. The Mustang does not compare to the Trans Am and is going. The Mitsubishi is great around town. The Escape has been a great roomy SUV and I would like to trade it in on a 2023 when available. Most people do not realize that an EV vehicle is mostly an in-town car because of charging time and is totally impractical for the apartment or condo owner due to a lack of charging abilities. A full charge on most takes more than overnight and the rapid charging stations shorten the life of your batteries. Can you imagine the resale value on an EV that you paid $60,000.00 for when a new battery back will cost over $20,000.00? I bought my 1st EV in 1979 and it only had a 50-mile range but was a great car for the small town I lived in. My current EV only has about the same range due to battery age but I still enjoy it around town. We should be putting our efforts in Hydrogen powered cars, they can have a great range, don’t use rare earth chemicals from China and the byproduct or exhaust is water. Great cars!!!


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