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2023 Lincoln Corsair Production Remains Constrained

The refreshed 2023 Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair were revealed last fall, with deliveries expected to begin in early 2023 – at that time, at least. However, in February, Ford paused Escape and Corsair production after discovering a quality issue that we later learned was software-related, and that shutdown was eventually extended all the way into March. Turns out, the problem was traced back to the instrument cluster, and a re-flash corrected it, allowing The Blue Oval to resume production with no further issues, as the automaker revealed in its latest sales report. However, there is a major discrepancy in terms of how many Escape crossovers FoMoCo built versus the total number of 2023 Lincoln Corsair models that have come off the assembly line thus far.

As Ford Authority reported yesterday, after building just 494 2023 Ford Escape models in February, the automaker managed to ramp that number up to 11,771 units in March, which is a significant jump by any measure. However, it’s worth noting that The Blue Oval only assembled 159 Lincoln Corsair crossovers at the same plant over the same time span, as the Escape’s more luxurious brethren was also facing the same software-related issue. It’s unclear why that’s the case, but it’s notable, regardless.

When added to the 366 Corsair crossovers that came off the line in January, along with the fact that none were produced in February, this means that just 525 units have been produced in total this year – a drop in the pan compared to the 16,166 Escape crossovers that have been built over that same time period.

There are many reasons why this could be the case, including demand – it’s possible that Ford has secured far more orders for the refreshed Escape than the Corsair or is prioritizing production of one over the other, which is why it’s focusing on that particular model. For now, at least, the reasoning behind this discrepancy is unclear, however.

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  1. FA

    Considering what Toyota/Lexus has to offer, the Corsair with the drop of the 2.3L and along with the long delay of the PHEV is no longer competitive. Lexus NX now has a 2.4L while Corsair dropped the 2.3L instead of upgrading it. Plus, Hybrid or PHEV Lexus/Toyota beats it in every f* perspective.

  2. FA

    Everyone else has been catching up to the game, while Lincoln retracts from it. A Dodge Hornet with a 1.3T does 285hp. Even the upcoming Mazda CX-70 will have an inline 6 or a PHEV over 300hp. Look, that GT Corsair is no GT, alright!
    Lincoln could have done an upgrade package for existing owner like the Stang on the 2.3L. And it should not have dropped that 2.3L while retaining a presence instead of a retraction.
    Look, even the RZ450e came out before Lincoln, though with an unacceptable range @ this price. Based on that, I believe PHEV is the way to go for now. So yes, Mazda got it right.

  3. Mach I

    Ordered a 2023 Corsair back in October, 2022. Still have no build date. Then, they wonder why Lincoln is slowly going under. If you can’t build them, don’t take orders.

    1. Mach I

      I checked in the Ford system today. I have a scheduled build date of May 22, 2023. With any luck I should have it by July 1. I hope.

  4. Jack Martin

    I ordered my 2023 Lincoln Corsair in Nov 2022 and have a build date of 4-24-23.
    Looking to get it in May. Hope they fixed all the bugs, My 2021 has been basically trouble free, just a couple of rattles and an exhaust leak. Very happy with it.

  5. Gary Laude

    I ordered 23 Grand Touring Corsair on October 7 last year and the last Lincoln contact I had was a “thank you for your patience” progress email early in January. I have no order where I am in the queue. Just pathetic, I’m so sorry I put a deposit down at this point, why open up orders when you can’t fill them

  6. JJL

    I ordered a 23 Grand Touring on September 18 last year the minute the order book opened. Not interested in a 2022 with dated features like small screen, Sync 3, etc. After driving a Jeep GC Summit for several years with uConnect, the Lincoln system was obviously ancient. As someone who does roadtripping off the interstates, a PHEV is the way to go. Best of EV and ICE worlds combined. Lincoln really has a potential winner, but they seem determined to kill the PHEV and the brand. Right now after some 7 months of waiting I, and my dealer, have no idea when the car will arrive. Ford has quality issues, but it has a bigger issue with respect for the customer, Without us they don’t have a business. And as others point out here, the competion is out there and getting better by the day. Farley, when is your personal letter of apology arriving?

    1. Davido50

      Your heavily overstating things. It’s not quality issues w/entire companies model portfolio by any stretch. Ford is honest .. unlike most its competitors an has stated whats wrong & addressed it where needed. Its producing many, many class leading vehicles as usual. Purchase w/confidence. I did in Feb. They are respecting you very much by being upfront on production delays etc.

      1. JJL

        I beg to differ. Since ordering Sept. 18, 2022 I have received exactly 2 emails from Lincoln both worded the same stating that they were experincing procurment difficulties. The latest one was 2 months ago. Nothing about the software issue or even quality problems. Actually they were smart to stop production until they had a fix. It would have been smarter to tell the customer that, sending a signal “we want you car to be right!” When one orders a $70K vehicle one expects better customer information than this. My dealer’s bread butter is Corsairs. They have two 2022’s to sell. That’s it. They stopped calling with monthly updates on my order because they have no information. This is the largest Lincoln dealer in a major city. What did I overstate? If any Ford/Lincoln exec reads this site my challenge is to answer this.

  7. Rocky Rhodes

    I happened to start researching the Corsair today after reading Consumer Reports giving it a high rating. I’ve tried getting to the Corsair website and it is having some serious technical problems because I get to it at all!! Then I read this article and I wonder if this is all just a coincidence or an indication of corporate incompetence. I hate to think this is some omen if I decide to buy one. I’ll circle back at Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

    1. Davido50

      Serious technical difficulties!? Was simply a minor reflash of its excellent , more high tech (than competitors) digital dash layout. It’s 100% ok. In production & selling very well. Purchase w/ full confidence. My Aunt just bought one 3wks ago an loves it. Looks great!

    2. Davido50

      No omen. Lol. It’s an excellent vehicle as JD Powers & CR reported. Gets great mpgs as well w/plenty power from Gen2 2.0L GTDI/ 8spd tranny combo. Looked at it myself but bought new Edge AWD instead. Can’t go wrong w/either!

  8. Davido50

    Ford Gen2 GTDI designs are much more proven as many notable publications have pointed out vs competition. Fords 2.3L GTDI is excellent for sure but so is the 2.0L GTDI. Nobody has more experience or produced as many as Ford has @this pt. My ’22 Edge AWD w/2.0L (250hp) feels stronger/smoother then ’13 Edge AWD w/3.5L V6 (285hp) I owned for many yrs. Some of it is smooth 8spd tranny & fact that these Ecoboost run so well. Possibly unrated slightly in HP. Glad your so concerned bout our great vehicles! The Lincoln Corsair is a full production now btw & selling well. Those Lexus exterior /interior designs have gone from bad to worse.

  9. Mach I

    Davido 5.0

    I don’t doubt the quality of the Corsair. I’m just wondering why if it was just a minor reflash it is taking so long to get a car built. It will be almost eight months from order date to build date. They aren’t selling millions of them, like the F 150, so what is the holdup? If it has been reflashed why am I still waiting another month and a half? My order has been in the hopper since the first week of October. They don’t have millions on order, I don’t think.

  10. Jack

    My 2023 Corsair reserve has entered into production as of today. Ordered Sept 2022.

    1. GK

      My 2023 Corsair Reserve says it was in production on 4/3, but just got an email today saying while production was projected to begin supply-chain challenges continue to cause delays and uncertainty. They will update me at least once every 45 days……so back to waiting.

  11. Mach I

    Happy for you Jack. I hope you enjoy it.

  12. JamesL

    Maybe Lincoln should import the Corsair from China until the current plant can get the quality issues fixed so you all get your vehicles on time and we don’t have to constantly keep hearing you all whining.

  13. L. G. William Chapman, B.A., LL.B.

    Oh, my! This is all very disconcerting. My dealership says they are unable to get any information from Lincoln about what’s going on with my order made last October, 2022. I am still waiting for advice from anyone on May 6, 2023. It most certainly does not encourage me to proceed with the purchase which was scheduled last October for May 1st, 2023. If one were to trust one’s instincts, there are a lot of bad omens!


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