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2024 Ford Maverick Convertible Debuts As Drop-Top Pickup

In another surprise announcement broadcast to Halo Infinite players at 3AM EST earlier this morning, The Blue Oval officially revealed the 2024 Ford Maverick convertible, projected to arrive at North American dealerships this winter. Like the Ford F-150 convertible introduced in 2021, the automaker expects the compact convertible pickup to revolutionize its segment, as none such product has existed before, especially at its relatively affordable price point.

“With over 500,000 Ford F-150 convertibles sold since its launch in 2021, we knew demand for convertible pickups existed,” Ford CEO Tim Barley excitedly stated at the reveal event in Antarctica. “Now, the 2024 Ford Maverick is here for those interested in a capable and open air truck that can tow, haul, and deliver excellent fuel economy for a reasonable price.”

Mechanically speaking, the company knew the 2024 Ford Maverick convertible need structural reinforcement, and as such, beefed up the door sills, developed thicker frame rails, and engineered new structural panels for high-flex regions. This allows the convertible to still boast a 4,000 pound tow rating and 1,500 pound payload rating when properly equipped with the 4K Towing Package. As for availability, the convertible can be configured as an XLT or Lariat. Additionally, the Top Gun Maverick Edition can also be ordered as a convertible, which will stick around for the 2024 model year.

Inside, the 2024 Ford Maverick convertible will come standard with water-resistant ActiveX seating. The Sync 3 infotainment system will devote half of its screen (four inches) to always feature dedicated controls for the fully automatic top, which is optional. A manual cloth top is standard. The power-folding top simply requires a single button push and can be activated at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, while the manual top requires an estimated five person team to operate. For all-season open top capability, the convertible comes standard with heated seats, a heated steering wheel, heated center console armrest, and heated door panels. The automaker expects heated door panels to spread throughout its lineup in the near future.

In a stunning reveal, Ford CEO Barley admitted that the 2023 Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair never had any issues with their digital instrument clusters. Instead, the Louisville Assembly plant encountered problems integrating the 2024 Ford Maverick convertible onto its lines, which is where the new variant will be exclusively manufactured. “Honestly, we’re going to cancel those vehicles (the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair) anyway, so the slowdown doesn’t really matter,” Barley told audiences on Twitch. “This convertible is going to be way more profitable and popular than those commodity products ever were.”

2022 Ford Maverick

The 2024 Ford Maverick convertible will be the first convertible pickup to boast a standard hybrid powertrain in the form of the 2.5 hybrid that’s a mainstay in the current lineup, although existing and future Maverick owners may be frustrated to learn that all-wheel drive is not only standard on the convertible, but the only way buyers can get that particular powertrain combination given current supply chain constraints. The 2.0-liter EcoBoost I4 is optional.

Ford is currently taking $4,000 non-refundable deposits for the 2024 Ford Maverick convertible, and the automaker expects pricing to start at $40,000 for an XLT with the manual top. The power folding top will be a $12,500 option.

“The all-new Ford Maverick convertible will continue Ford’s dominance in the open-top pickup segment, joining the F-150 Convertible” said Ford spokesperson Spike Ravine. “By appealing to convertible enthusiasts on a budget, we expect it to not only outsell the regular Maverick, but to eclipse most other trucks, regardless of size. I don’t expect rivals to have an answer to this stunning machine for quite some time.”

The new Maverick convertible represents one piece of our 2023 April Fools’ Day content, and will only exist in our very weird dreams. There might be more totally real products announced soon, so subscribe to Ford Authority for the latest Ford Maverick news, and for continuous Ford news.

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Steve

    Gotta love 4/1, with all the super funny and not at all dumb and annoying fake articles bloggers think are cute.

    Great excuse for clickbait tho…

    1. Markus

      I would buy one it sounds awesome. I was actually thinking of buying one if it existed I’m not going to buy a regular maverick.

  2. Xyzven

    Well it’s the one time fiction can be passed of as news. Best hilarious morning read yet

  3. James M Whigham

    So wrong. If it comes from Ford Authority it comes from the horses mouth. Use extreme caution with posts like this. Not so confident in opening less than credible emails. I knew something wasn’t right Chris Barley, all wheel drive hybrid, built in Lousville.

  4. Jay

    I almost believed it….until I remembered it was April 1st…….

  5. Gibson

    Nope not funny. Must be nice to sit and make up fake conversations and fake facts and post em up. Where else do you do this. Your credibyis blown now. Dont give a rats behind about April fool’s day. The name of this website should say it all . Got you on ignore from now on.

    1. ViperACR

      I bet you are a lot of fun at parties.

      1. Jeff Fearnow


    2. Andrew

      Someone was disappointed when they found out they couldn’t order their 2024 Maverick Convertible.

    3. John Shultz

      Wow, and they say I have no sense of humor!

  6. JR

    I guess a regular two door version with a longer would have been just as big of a joke. 🙁

  7. JR

    longer bed


    Non refundable deposit..and 4 years from now, with it still not delivered, they still have your money. No thanks.

    1. Oliver Rea

      You guys outdid yourself this year! Look forward to your 4/1 posts all long! Give my best to CEO Jim Barley..

  9. Matt

    This is something they should actually do though. It just pisses me off that it’s treated as a joke.

    1. David Dickinson II

      Me too. Now that someone dreamed up the concept, it is actually PERFECT for the Maverick crowd. The rendition shows a good looking vehicle. I hope some shop gloms onto this idea and actually builds this custom convertible.

  10. Oliver Rea

    Laughing so hard I couldn’t type, look forward to 4/1 all year long, and of course it’s head honcho Tim Barley, not Jim..

  11. Terry

    I’m thinking, f150 conversable? I don’t remember that! Lolololololol

  12. Scott

    …. I was yawning so bad, right from the first headline glance. Epic fail

  13. Robert T Arthur

    Good April Fool joke. Almost had me believing it until I got to the $12.5K for the power top option and the 5 man crew needed for the manual top operation!

  14. Roger

    You got me!

  15. Tim

    Excellent! Got me !

  16. Justacarguy Blog

    I appreciate the effort to create an April Fools gag, and these are really good, thanks for doing your part to share the fun!

  17. Mike says...

    Well done!

  18. The-Vig

    You fooled me until Ford spokesperson Spike Ravine. Ha!

  19. Malo Forde

    You guys are GREAT! As a two-week Maverick owner (who’d waited two years for my truck) I was enthralled by this news. My wife cried “Why didn’t we wait?” When we read the 4/1 reference we both laughed. Thank you–brilliant!

  20. R. Ted Fox

    Maverick convertible you can’t
    even give us a pickup…I’ve been waiting for almost a year.

  21. Ronald

    Looked at the picture & thought what a great idea. Then I looked at the calendar. You got me.

  22. Tucci

    What tells me that it’s a bunch of boomers that read these is the fact that nobody caught onto the first sentence because nobody that read this even knows what Halo Infinite is.

  23. Lenny O.

    That was good, I was so mad reading this believing ford would ruin this truck and raising the price for it.

  24. Moron

    I totally fell for it… even after playing silly April fools jokes on my 6 y/o all day… even AFTER seeing it was announced in Antarctica… I even took a screen shot and sent to wife saying I sure hope this is real and she just sent back hahahaha…. I feel like such an idiot… I guess I just wished it WAS real…ugh

  25. Keith g

    Extraordinary little fun ford truckavertible drop top. 👍🏽

  26. Alan Bauters

    I started to believe til I saw F150 convertible…no such thing. And he announced it in Antarctica. Haha! We DO have a 1990 Dodge Convertible. Has 4WD and a 6ft bed. You can still find them for sale. They held up well!

  27. Mike

    Had me till the f 150 drop top too

  28. Scott

    A convertible Ford Maverick might be a good idea. The render actually doesn’t look to bad. They had me though until I got to the F150 drop top.

  29. Cainy

    I was initially fooled; good one! Been waiting since August 2022 for my Maverick, heck I got a Kidney Transplant faster and since then! One day, my truck will be here (won’t it?!)

  30. hot toddy

    April Fools they are

  31. Allith

    Its soo stupid it makes perfect sense. All of it, the 4k non refundable, the 4wd standard, the convertible, even the 40k. The inly weird thing was the weather resistant interior. Given todays post COVID world where all the major retailers went to need a cashier, get a free cashier, look at all the people in our stores.

  32. Jesse T

    I think there’s legitimately a market for this though? I was legit excited until I realized Ford Authority was just playing with my emotions. Guess the Jeep Gladiator remains the only convertible pickup option.

  33. Thomas

    Hey didn’t dodge do the in the eighties with the Dakota and it was a failure

  34. Thanks

    Great idea! When can we get one please. While at it, can we see a Corsair and Aviator done as a convertible?

  35. Billy

    A better April Fool’s joke about the Maverick would be to tell everyone that if they ordered one, it would be delivered in 6 weeks.

  36. April Fish

    April fool’s is supposed to be funny. Not just lying.

    It’s not April tell a lie day. I appreciate the funny articles like the electric assist powered stationary bikes… But this article is just stupid and a waste of time.

    Make it funny or just don’t do the April Fool’s arricle at all.

  37. Bill

    This makes me extremely angry because I’ve been waiting over six months to get a regular maverick and when I start to think that they have specialty additions, they’re going to come out with when they can’t even produce a maverick XLT for me to buy. Not funny.

  38. MaverickGuy

    I’m reading this on April 5th!!! It should’ve been deleted on April 2nd. Like Gibson said, “Dont give a rats behind about April fool’s day. The name of this website should say it all . Got you on ignore from now on.”

  39. Diverjet

    For those that like convertibles nice concept I love riding around with the top down , off the wind blowing around.


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