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2024 Ford Ranger Lariat In Hot Pepper Red: Real World Photos

Since the international version of the all-new, redesigned Ford Ranger was revealed last year, Ford Authority has spotted numerous examples of the North American variant of the next-generation mid-size pickup out driving around ahead of its launch later this year for the 2024 model year. That includes a Hot Pepper Red Ranger Raptor that was just spotted out and about last week, and now, we’ve come across yet another example of the new mid-sizer finished in that same color – this time, a 2024 Ford Ranger Lariat.

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lariat is a more luxurious entry in the mid-size pickup space, offering up a host of amenities along with body-color trim for a more upscale look, as is the case here. Otherwise, this Ranger Lariat looks much like the variety of previously-spied North American variants Ford Authority has come across, with a bevy of new features worth pointing out.

On the outside, those features include new, C-clamp headlights similar to the ones present across the Blue Oval pickup lineup, along with a twin-bar front grille design and an overall styling profile that’s edgier than the current-gen Ranger. This particular Ranger is also equipped with rear bed side steps, which make the act of retrieving items in the bed a bit easier, while a “4×4” logo resides directly above that new feature.

Inside the cabin, the next-gen Ranger features a standard 10.1-inch or optional 12-inch infotainment screen, Sync 4, and a digital instrument cluster. The pickup continues to ride on the Ford T6 platform shared with the sixth-generation Ford Bronco – though it has received some updates. It’s unclear what engines might be available in the North American spec 2024 Ford Ranger at this time, but it’s likely that the new pickup will retain the turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost as its base powerplant.

As Ford Authority reported back in September 2021, the 2024 Ford Ranger is expected to enter production at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in May of 2023, which means that a full, official reveal is likely coming very soon.

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  1. James

    Does Ford offer a “naturally aspirated” gasoline engine anymore? I’m not a fan of turbochargers and I don’t want a diesel.

    1. Rinzler

      Sounds like you haven’t driven a modern turbocharger. Turbocharged engines aren’t what they were 15 years ago, the power delivery is smooth and they are generally reliably.

      In any case, there is no N/A variant of the Ranger, but a N/A engine can be had in EcoSport, Mustang, F-150, F-250, F-350, as well as hybridized and EV options such as the 3.3L V6 found in the Explorer or the F-150 Lightning.

      1. James

        Thanks, I was worried about turbocharger failure since they run at such high speeds.

  2. Mike

    My Maverick Lariat Hybrid is Hot Pepper Red…I was a bit worried about the color after I ordered it. When it arrived (16 months later as a 23 model) I was relieved and pleasantly surprised. Love it and get lots of compliments. In shade and at night it looks more red and in bright sunlight, more orange. Getting lots of compliments!

  3. Robert T Arthur

    The Ranger would be a good looking truck if it wasn’t jacked up so high in the rear end which also makes it harder for older people to get into. Why can’t you use progressive spring rates like you did 20 years ago in the Sport Trac which always stay level even when they are loaded or not loaded? Progress should be forward, not backward!

    1. Sal

      It’s raked for towing and the back end tapers up for a better departure angle. More capability makes this truck more compelling. Maybe consider something more demographic friendly like a maverick.

      1. bleednblue

        Or just put a leveling kit on it like everyone else

  4. RAZ

    A little hot pepper makes the truck less bland. Now be really daring and tease a super cab in blue? Oh my!

  5. FordMav

    I think the tremor one will be one to get . I’m curious the asking price of this trim just seem little to plain Jane .

  6. blksn8k

    Other sites are now reporting that Job 1, or start of production, has been pushed out to Aug 7th with ordering banks opening on May 26th. Reveal date is supposedly April 17th.

  7. Bruce B

    Same here biksn8k, I’ve seen the same forecast for the release date and production schedule.

  8. Arpy

    What’s with that tiny little box back there? I can’t use a truck without a 6′ box.


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