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2024 Lincoln Nautilus More Expensive Than Outgoing Model

Thanks to supply chain challenges and rampant inflation, rising prices have been the norm in recent years, and the automotive industry isn’t immune to that phenomenon, either. In the realm of The Blue Oval, a host of models have experienced one or more price increases lately, in fact, a list that includes the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor, the all-new S650 2024 Ford Mustang, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning, and the refreshed 2023 Lincoln Corsair. Now, we can also add the recently-revealed, redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus to that growing list, too.

Lincoln Nautilus Pricing Comparison
2024 Lincoln Nautilus MSRP 2023 Lincoln Nautilus MSRP + / – 2023 Price
Premiere/Standard $50,415 $44,825 +$5590
Reserve $54,750 $51,040 +$3710
Black Label $74,465 $67,245 +$7220

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is getting more expensive across the board versus the outgoing model, with the new base Premier trim – which replaces the old Standard series – going from $44,825 to $50,415, an increase of $5,590. Meanwhile, the Reserve is $3,710 more expensive than before, as it went from $51,040 to $54,750, and the Black Label has increased by $7,220, from $67,245 to $74,465.

It is worth noting that the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus comes with all-wheel drive as standard, which is part of the reasoning behind these price increases.

Otherwise, the redesigned luxury crossover features a number of new tech features that aren’t present in the current-gen model, including a massive coast-to-coast display screen and 11.1-inch center screen inside the cabin, BlueCruise 1.2, extensive ambient lighting, a host of digital scents, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, a new Lincoln Embrace design, the new Lincoln Rejuvenate feature, the ability to receive over-the-air software updates, and 5G network capability.

The all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus will be built at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in China and is scheduled to launch in North America in early 2024, though the brand new luxury crossover is available to order now.

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  1. Alfred Sloan

    Lol – lowest trim has a starting price of $50k, with a four banger across the lineup – Ford is out of their mind. This thing is DOA.

    1. Mrx19

      Doubt it. It is quite attractive and an improvement over the current model. The China build will obviously alienate some. However, the American public doesn’t seem to be concerned over assuming huge amounts of debt on a depreciating asset.

    2. JimO

      4 cylinder turbo is the standard engine across most manuf. in that range. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc.. all 4 cylinder. Years ago the standard engine was a small V8, now its the 2.0 turbo 4. I also was hesitant at first, but i have a 2.0 in my Escape and the 2.3 in my Explorer and both make more than adequate power.

  2. John

    Should be cheaper since its made in china

  3. Drew Ford Retiree

    No sale. Chinese made… strike one. Fuel and power sapping AWD… strike two. Ugly (Buick Park Avenue instrument panel and abruptly truncated belt molding Ala Corsair)… strike three.

    1. JimO

      Made in China is the deal breaker for me. There are things that we need to buy from China, but when it comes to cars we still fortunately have choices. I buy domestic, but c’mon people, at least send your money to an ally.

    2. Hafcanadian

      Agreed. And that front grille… yuk. That and the Corsair seem headed to (cough) Toyota/Lexus ugly territory.

  4. Prentice Ethington

    Based on another recent story regarding the conversion of the Oakville plant to produce EV’s and the layoff of several hundred Canadian workers and now the story that the Nautilus – currently built in Oakville – will be built in China and imported, … Ford Management, you’re making a mess of things. If you want to build Ford products in China for the Chinese market, go for it; but don’t move production of American cars to China and then import them.

    1. Hafcanadian

      You’ve got that right! A Ford fan for 70 years, I find this scenario disgusting. We’ve been waiting for finances to catch up and then jump into the Nautilus upgrade from our old Explorer, as it is one of the few towable 4 down behind our RV. Maybe we can locate a 2023, but they’ve taken any newer ones out of our sights.

  5. Mick1

    I will be purchasing the Nautilus with Yuan.

  6. Anonymous

    Exterior looks nice. Those exterior door handles are going to be a hassle and not age well. The dashboard design while initially interesting, starts to look really annoying the more I look at it. The 2.0L engine doesn’t bother me, although most buyers in this luxury segment expect a smooth V6 at the very least. The China aspect is the biggest deal breaker. At $45K this would be a huge value…at $50K plus the China assembly, it’s a tough sell. Ford will sell some, but they only sell 25K of these typically each year as it is. They may not really care how many 2024+ they sell as long as they have something in that segment available.

  7. Hafcanadian

    No more of my cash is going to fund the Chinese juggernaut. Shame on this good old American company. Very disappointing.


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