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Aftermarket Fiberglass Ford Bronco Raptor Fenders Revealed

Since its launch, more than a few enthusiasts have expressed their dislike for the large, plastic fender flares attached to the Ford Bronco Raptor, claiming that those units look, well, like an afterthought. Unlike the Ford F-150 Raptor, which wears wider fenders compared to its regular counterpart, FoMoCo opted to simply add giant flares to the Ford Bronco Raptor to cover up its massive 37-inch tires, with mixed results. However, those that aren’t fans of this look can now purchase a set of flared fiberglass fenders for the Ford Bronco Raptor from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts (ADV).

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Ford Bronco Raptor Fenders - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This concept isn’t exactly new, as ADV already makes and sells these same wide fiberglass fenders for the regular Ford Bronco – which appeared on Baja Forge’s 2021 SEMA Show concept – as well as fiberglass hardtops as an alternative to the OEM molded-in color piece. However, it has now added something similar to its catalog for Ford Bronco Raptor customers, too.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Ford Bronco Raptor Fenders - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

These new Bronco Raptor fiberglass fenders are for the front only, though the existing rear units from ADV will fit this particular model, too. Shoppers can choose from two different sizes – a 4.5-inch flare with a one-inch rise, or a 7.5-inch piece, also with a one-inch rise, but either way, these fenders reportedly fit the high-performance off-roader perfectly.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Ford Bronco Raptor Fenders - Exterior 004 - Rear Three Quarters

The new ADV Bronco Raptor fenders also allow owners to run a larger tire, which is always a good thing, and come finished in semi-gloss white, which means that buyers will want to paint them before installing them on their rides. Installation is relatively straightforward, though it does require using either a sawzall, plasma cutter, or metal shears, so it might be best to leave that up to a professional. Either way, these new fenders retail for $950 a set, and fit both the 2022 and 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor, though they aren’t expected to ship until June and July, respectively.

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