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Bestop Skyrider Top Debuts For Hardtop Ford Bronco Models

Bestop has been offering aftermarket tops, fender flares, and various other parts and accessories for the sixth-generation Ford Bronco for some time now, which proved to be a boon for those that weren’t able to secure an OEM hardtop with their order and didn’t like the look of the factory soft top. Additionally, the Bestop Skyrider series is retractable, making it incredibly easy to enjoy the open air in mere seconds, while also being able to re-cover their SUV’s interior in the event of inclement weather. Now, those that own a Ford Bronco with the factory hardtop (save for the Bronco Raptor) can also get in on this action, as the new Bestop Skyrider made specifically for those models has debuted as well.

Bestop Skyrider Ford Bronco Hardtop Models - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

The new Bestop Skyrider replaces the front and middle MIC hardtop panels, leaving the rear-most portion in place, giving occupants quick and easy access to open-air cruising in the process. The top consists of three panels, with one that can be unlatched at the front, while the other two folding front panels can simply be removed. Once that process is complete, owners can slide the top backward. The slide mechanism is enhanced with a cam profile gas assist side bow mechanism as well, which makes opening the top smooth and easy.

The Bestop Skyrider for hardtop Ford Bronco models is made from either black twill fabric or black diamond poly-cotton vinyl, with the former coming with a limited lifetime warranty and the latter a five-year guarantee, with pricing coming in at $1,799 and $1,499, respectively, and at-home installation available for an extra cost of $299.

Bestop Skyrider Ford Bronco Hardtop Models - Exterior 003 - Front Three Quarters

“The new Skyrider complements the Ford Bronco while giving passengers in both rows access to open air for a more enjoyable ride.” said Scott Baird, vice president of sales and marketing at Bestop. “Bestop is introducing yet another unique product for the Ford Bronco that upgrades both the style and functionality of this popular 4×4.”

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