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Ford Backed Lobby Group Isn’t Thrilled With Proposed EPA Emissions Rules

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just revealed a new set of proposed emissions rules that call for a significant reduction in that regard over the coming years, a move that also aims to speed up EV adoption in the U.S. These emissions rules would require a 56 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from light-duty vehicles between the 2027 and 2032 model years, as well as a 44 percent reduction from medium-duty vehicles and stipulations for heavy-duty models as well. However, while Ford has long backed similar initiatives in Europe, a lobby group that it belongs to – the Alliance for Automotive Innovation – isn’t quite as thrilled with this particular proposal, according to Barron’s.

Alliance for Automotive Innovation CEO John Bozzella called the proposed emissions rules “aggressive by any measure,” noting that its goal of achieving a 67 percent EV sales mix by the 2032 model year is “very high” in terms of its ambitions. “In fact, the proposal exceeds the administration’s own 50 percent electrification target announced in August 2021,” Bozzella added. “To be clear, 50 percent was always a stretch goal and predicated on several conditions. Those included supportive policies like the manufacturing incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act and tax credits to support EV purchases and affordability.”

“A lot has to go right for this massive – and unprecedented – change in our automotive market and industrial base to succeed, especially as 284 million light-duty vehicles across the country remain on the roads,” Bozzella said. “As of last year, EVs accounted for just over one percent of all light-duty vehicles.” However, while Bozzella remains cautious about these proposed rules – which are open for comment now, and have yet to be officially implemented – Ford remains steadfast in its commitment to electrification.

“Ford is leading the way as the global auto industry makes an unprecedented transformation to the electric vehicle era,” a Blue Oval spokesperson told Barron’s. “We’re making popular and exciting EVs and investing heavily in U.S. battery and EV production. Accelerating this historic transition requires strong coordinated action from the public and private sectors.”

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  1. Bruce Holberg

    This government coercion isn’t going to stop until the administration is changed. Recent poll showed that 2/3 of Americans aren’t interested in buying an EV, yet Big Brother will mandate that we have them. Ditto with gas stoves, LED lighting, etc. what’s happening to the “land of the free”?

  2. 1970Mav

    If Joe Biden really wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions he and everyone else in his admin should stop talking out of their A*sses.
    Let’s go Brandon.

    1. Patrick Ford

      One thing naysayers all have in common is that they all end up getting run over by progress.

  3. Bill

    So I guess this next ford truck I buy will be my last doesn’t anybody know that the Chinese batteries used are from catl that’s a hunter Biden corrupt company I won’t put that crap in my garage

    1. Patrick Ford

      Ford has already announced it will be spending $3.5 Billion to build a battery plant in Michigan.

      1. Dave 2.0

        Ford has partnered with CATL, a communist Chinese
        company. That ought to instill confidence in the future
        of the company that carries your surname.

  4. John

    I bet they also aren’t too thrilled with Biden driving them to bankruptcy on EVs either.

    But as long as the unions get their kickback from Joe who’s complaining.

  5. Mf

    New car sales are stagnating, as the prices have gotten too high for people to afford. These relentless increases in emissions requirements from bureaucrats have contributed to this issue, as have a lot of other things. That’s all combining to keep older cars on the roads longer, meaning those higher pollution cars stay around longer.

    The EV market has basically reached saturation. There is no additional demand for EVs that isn’t currently being filled. The automakers are all going to be fighting for slices of the same pie. Unless there’s a price advantage over gas cars, the EV market is only going to stay at about the same market share, and automakers that choose to shuffle ICE vehicles over to EV replacements will see shrinking sales.


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