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Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Return Visits Can Now Be Purchased

Since its launch a couple of years ago, The Blue Oval has been tweaking the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo experience, adding the 4xFun option for for those that don’t have a reservation or order in place, opening it up to owners of all 2023 Ford Bronco Sport trims, scheduling some winter weekends, and adding a new, similar experience for owners of the Ford Bronco Raptor while also giving owners the ability to use FordPass Rewards points toward merchandise and fees. However, those that have already attended a Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo have thus far been barred from participating in another one – until now, according to Bronco Nation.

The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo has officially opened up to previous guests that want to return for another fun day of off-roading, and all sites are available to book – including Moab, New Hampshire, Texas, and Nevada. This includes those that used their owner credit – included with the purchase of a 2021+ Bronco – to attend a previous event, who can now head back and experience the same thing all over again, or perhaps head to a totally new location.

There is no limit to how many Bronco Off-Roadeos owners can attend, though they can only reserve one at a time. The introductory cost for all of this is $2,000, which includes lunch and dinner, one free guest who can split time behind the wheel, a Bronco to drive, entertainment, a campfire, an exclusive location-specific gift, and time with Ford’s Trail Guide team.

As is the case with the existing Off-Roadeo experience, these return visits feature a full day of activities, perfect for novices or those that have some off-roading experience. Led by a team of experts, participants get to learn all about these vehicles while traversing a wide variety of terrain, which varies by location. Those interested in booking a return visit can do so by heading over here.

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  1. GaryB

    i went to one in 2022, it was awesome. Not $2k awesome, but certainly maybe up to $700 awesome (got about $200 of free stuff from the gift shop).And the gift we got at NH was a black yeti water bottle and a carabiner with the Bronco logos on them. The guides are only paid about $30k a year salary. They have about 30 people a day go through with 4 guides. I would go to every off rodeo if the price (for one person) was $500-$600. Which should still be profitable for Ford.

  2. Mike

    Yeah, I just went to register and thought I must have made a mistake…two grand? I went to one two summers ago – it was great. You might get me to pay $750-$1,000 to come back with a guest, but $2,000? It’s not even a maybe.


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