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Ford CEO Farley Says Brand Needs A Reboot In China

Over the past couple of years, Lincoln has truly found its footing in China, with FoMoCo’s luxury arm posting better sales in that country than the U.S. At the same time, Ford has been reinventing its Chinese lineup, adding a bevy of new products including the refreshed Ford Explorer, as well as the Evos crossover and the all-new Ford Edge L, which will soon be joined by the rugged Ford Bronco  SUV and Ford Ranger pickup. However, in a hyper competitive market with loads of all-electric vehicles already on sale from a bevy of automakers, Ford CEO Jim Farley knows that The Blue Oval must reinvent its branding to remain competitive there, according to Reuters.

“We’re going to have to rethink what the Ford brand means in a place like China,” Farley told reporters at a recent charity event. “It can’t be like middle of the market. It’s totally over-filled.” The Ford CEO didn’t elaborate on what that remake might look like, but he did note that existing Chinese EV makers like Xpeng and Li Auto are doing a great job of focusing on technology and providing superior digital experiences for customers, while BYD – the current market leader – is succeeding thanks to its mastering of the supply chain.

“The differentiation really comes down to technology and services,” he said. “They’re all beautiful. All of these vehicles are so beautiful. Go to China. The have so much overcapacity in the two-door crossover that the amount of money those companies are losing and burning is incredible. That’s why they’re going big on Europe. Europe is a premium export market. They’re all going there.”

A rear three quarter view of the Ford Edge L

“There is one huge company that is so impressive, BYD. They’re in a totally different world than Tesla,” Farley added. “They’re totally vertically integrated, completely, all the way to batteries. No one is doing that on the globe.”

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  1. Ronald

    Ford, exporting to China, selling the new Bronco & manufacturing the Ford Ranger in China places Ford in more specialty market & out of the middle of the market. While developing EV’s for the market.

  2. Robert C. Coe

    My name is Robert Coe, who has been a Ford owner for many years.Currently I own a 2007Ford F250 Super Duty pick up truck. After I bought and paid for since new.Since then I’ve had to put more money in the engine to make my truck reliable.I did not get in on Law suit to sue Ford for a product the 6.0 L diesel engine. My first Ford was a 1964 Ford F250. A problem with our country, is it’s too money hungry and not doing what is best for our country, but for themselves. Tesla is already owned by China. China is not a trusted country. The proof is in our History. Trying to kill people in America, via baby and dog food, also this pandemic. I understand about business in that make product, sell product. There is more to that of course. I think doing business with China is a bad thing. The Chinese are not trusted business men. Therefore, just some insight from a Navy Veteran. I’m a 21 year Navy Submarine Vet. Thus, why open another door so, China can get a foot hold into our country. I know Ford has influence in other countries. I for one do not agree with your company, as being a Patriot of USA. I find it disturbing to conduct business with our enemy of which whom wants to take over the world. Not too mention the BRAC countries want to get rid of the US dollar.
    Robert C. Coe


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