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Ford Dealer Employee Who Died On The Job Loved Automobiles

Late last month, a 42-year-old Ford dealer employee named Nicholas Jozefowski died on the job while doing electrical work for his employer in a truly tragic accident that occurred while he was changing out overhead lights in the service area at Ewald’s Venus Ford in Cudahy, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For now, the Ford dealer employee’s death has been preliminarily ruled an accident, though the cause is still pending, but in the meantime, those that knew him are honoring his memory by sharing details of the long-time auto enthusiast’s time on earth, according to Automotive News.

Ewald's Venus Ford

Jozefowski was reportedly a “jack of all trades” that was also an active volunteer in his local community. He worked in the automotive industry most of his life, and when he wasn’t working on them or on the clock at the dealership, he enjoyed cooking, going for ATV and snowmobile rides, grilling/smoking meats, building things, and tinkering in the shop.

At Ewald’s Venus Ford, Jozefowski worked as a general maintenance employee for the past five years, completing various electrical issues and other odd jobs, though he wasn’t a licensed electrician. He was changing out lights when another employee found him on top of a scissor lift, unresponsive, with a wire hanging from the ceiling above. Jozefowski had reportedly suffered what appeared to be electrical burns on both of his palms.

Ewald's Venus Ford

Efforts to revive Jozefowski were unfortunately unsuccessful, though an official cause of death has not yet been announced. A variety of agencies are participating in the resulting investigation, including the Cudahy Police Department, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner.

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  1. Bill Howland

    The lot probably had 277 or 480 volt lighting…. People don’t realize the danger of this stuff compared to 120 or 208 volt stuff..

    What with the larger dealerships installing fast chargers (which all seem to run on 480), the idea of finding 120 volt lighting in the parking lot is a thing of the past…

    A high school in my town recently ‘Modernized’ to 277/480 volt electric service (- in their case – a useless change) from the original 120/208… Of course a month after all the new equipment was in an electrician was electrocuted. And the larger services are an explosion hazard if not properly designed to limit fault currents.

  2. Rory

    Thanks, Brett.
    A follow-up with a photo of Mr. Jozefowski would be nice so that we can put a face to the prayer.


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