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Ford Edge, Lincoln Nautilus Production To End Next Year

As Ford Authority recently reported, Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus production were previously expected to end at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada later this year, though Edge production was later extended into early 2024. Those vehicles are expected to be replaced on the production line by all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator in 2025 following a retooling, while the Aviator EV may be the only version of that crossover available, and this is only the beginning of what could be a large EV expansion for Ford in Canada. Now, Automotive News Canada is reporting that production of both the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus will extend into next year.

Currently, the automaker hasn’t provided an exact date of when it expects to build its last ICE vehicle at Oakville, as it is reportedly working to overcome “scheduling hurdles” before sharing that information with the Canadian union Unifor. FoMoCo previously committed to investing $1.8 billion in the plant to retool it for EV production starting in 2024, and that plan still holds true, though no precise date has been set as of now. Rather, Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus production are scheduled to end in early 2024.

“They had a few outstanding details that has hindered their ability to confirm with enough certainty the start of the retooling period and duration,” said Marc Brennan, the Unifor Local 707 chairperson for the Oakville plant. Earlier this month, members of the Local 707 met with CEO Jim Farley and Bryce Currie, Ford’s vice president of manufacturing and labor affairs for the Americas, to discuss this timing, too.

Though Ford hasn’t officially announced what vehicles it will build at the Oakville plant following its retooling, multiple reports indicate that the Explorer and Aviator EV crossovers will be the only two following the departure of the Edge and Nautilus – a revelation was seemingly confirmed by supplier Magna International Inc., which has said it would be building battery enclosures for those vehicles, too.

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  1. Nico

    IMHO, 5 seat medium size suv’s of the hybrid or PHEV variety, are the “wheel house”, of which you will have NONE!

  2. Z71_Tahoe

    The OG Edge was cool. Ford kinda let it wither as of late tho. It was supposed to be the model that was always debuting the newest tech and “ahead of the game” ideas. Was almost certain it would become the Evos and carry the original plan, (sharp styling, cutting edge tech, etc…) instead it’s just a two row jelly bean.

  3. someguy

    Such a shame and short sightedness by Ford to not replace them with an updated Edge/Nautilus. At least bring over the next gen Chinese Nautilus which looks great. Not everyone wants a 3 row SUV (even if EV) like the Explorer or Aviator.

  4. Robh

    I ponder the wisdom of discontinuing these two cars as they sell well and have high customer satisfaction ratings and good reviews from auto review publications. In another words, they score well for dependability/reliability. If anything, I would consider cancelling a model that is been more troublesome and giving the company a bad name. the current version of the explorer/aviator is a vehicle that comes to mind. they never fully got the design debugged and those models have been plagued with problems. Only modest improvements were gained in quality in 21 and 22 model years. Cancel those turkeys if they can’t iron out the gremlins in them. Keep the models that are reliable and that people like

  5. Melanie Benson

    I’m very disappointed in Ford. I have been a Ford person since the day I was born my very first car was the 1979 Ford mustand fastback. What a beauty went to a Taurus then Five Hundred then my fave was my 2010 Ford edge thing was built like a beast 267000 miles later lost her in a crash now I have a 2017 Ford edge. If you discontinue this your sales will indeed fall as they did when you discontinued the excursion which would have made you a fortune. I mean come on Chevy still make s the suburban and is Killin it. Don’t do this I don’t want a bigger vehicle this edge is the perfect size

  6. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Is there still a market for a five passenger ICE crossover? Looking at the sales numbers for the Lexus RX 350 (5 passenger) the answer is a resounding yes. Personally, I don’t want anything larger than a Nautilus and the Aviator is just too big. Lincoln’s website claims three fully electric vehicles by 2025. That’s 20 months from now and hard to believe when my dealership still can’t even get any 2023 ICE Corsairs in stock.

    Week by week it becomes more apparent a change in leadership is needed at FMC. Abandoning quality ICE vehicles in the short run will force loyal owners to try other brands. Once lost, those buyers may never come back, regardless of the luxury, quality, and reliability of e-vehicles from Lincoln.

    1. Bob Dobson

      I couldn’t agree more! You are bang on, Im one of those people you described. Current Explorer ST owner after 6 Explorers and now I’m going to look at buying a Genesis GV70.
      Go Woke Go Broke!

    2. JAK

      I always liked my Edge or Nautilus over the years, except for the horrible Edge headlights pre-led years. Very few issues. I have moved to a 2022 Lexus RX 350 because of this nonsense.

    3. Mrx19

      Fords business plan seems to be headed to the following line up: F150, Explorer, Explorer EV, Mustang, Mustang Mach E, Ranger and Maverick. No small or mid size, low profit SUV’s. They will find a way to build only the highest option level of each vehicle as they head for an average $75k transaction price.

  7. Jeffrey Woods

    What is the problem with producing the 2023 EDGE in Oakville? Orders are in since late 2022 and not even schediled for production yet. This has left customers in no-man’s land with their current vehichle and/or leases. There are many customers in my age segment that woud prefer a hybrid version of the Edge/Nautilus versus a straight electric model. Until the infrastructure for quick recharging on road trips is in place, a hybrid is the auto of preference for us. Come on FORD, get your act together in Oakville and get those orders into production.

  8. John M.

    To get rid if ICE vehicles this fast is a road to profit loss and customer loss. Your logic to lose a little on every EV but make it up on volume. Toyota’s strategy to go with high volume hybrids makes sense. You are going to have a lot of EVs to sell that customers will not want.

  9. Mark

    I’ve owned only Fords my whole life, but bought an INFINITI sedan years ago (cuz they made a 300hp/Manual transmission 4 door), and it has been incredibly reliable. Finding out we won’t be able to replace my wife’s special ordered 2013 Edge in a year or so is disappointing. I guess we will be jumping the FoMoCo ship for good with the next purchase. I’m not against electric vehicles, but we do tons of road trips as a family and the technology just isn’t ready yet.

  10. Joe Kalista

    Fords CEO and top management are total fools with no business sense or foresight. Doing away with popular vehicles Edge, Escaoe and gas engine powered vehicles is ridiculous. They are consumer favorites. Where i live i can count the number of recharging stations on ten fingers. I am the proud owner of 3 ford edges from 2007 that still are on the road.

  11. Zep

    We will have the China Nautilus by the end of the year. Is there a way to send over the China Zephyr? Lincoln needs all the sales help they can get. However many Zephyrs they sell here will be that many more they didn’t have last year.

  12. JeRay Bellon

    Big mistake by ford. The Nautilus is the most asthetically eye pleasing of its type
    Far better than the navigator. I don t believe the EV can compete at this time and maybe never especially in the northern and midwestern states.

  13. Cigna

    2023 Lincoln Aviator MSRP $53,340-$90,280
    2023 Lincoln Nautilus MSRP $44,825-$67,245
    It’s safe to say the 2024 Lincoln Aviator EV’s starting price will be over $58,000 and top out close to $100,000. FMC’s contribution to inflation. Besides, FMC shouldn’t expect sales of the 2024 Lincoln Aviator EV to exceed the sales of the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus.

  14. Lori Keller

    I’ve loved the edge lease one every 3 years since 2017. Please re consider. It’s a great vehicle. Started off in the 4 door Taurus.


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