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Ford Edge Sales Trail Grand Cherokee, Santa Fe In Q1 2023

Ford Edge sales decreased in the United States while increasing in Mexico during Q1 2023.

Ford Edge Sales - Q1 2023 - United States

In the United States, Ford Edge deliveries totaled 20,282 units in Q1 2023, a decrease of about 23 percent compared to 26,412 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
EDGE -23.21% 20,282 26,412

Ford Edge Sales - Q1 2023 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford Edge deliveries totaled 77 units in Q1 2023, an increase of about 38 percent compared to 56 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
EDGE +37.50% 77 56

Ford Edge Sales - Q1 2023 - Colombia

In Colombia, Ford Edge deliveries totaled 61 units in Q1 2023.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
EDGE * 61 *

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

Ford Edge sales slipped 23 percent to 20,282 units during the first quarter of 2023, placing it ninth out of 20 competitors in its packed segment.

The Ford Explorer surged into first place, having experienced a 36 percent increase in sales to 58,061 units, tailed by the Toyota Highlander in second place, down 16 percent to 55,344 units. The Jeep Grand Cherokee held down third with 54,502 sales, down 27 percent, while the Chevrolet Traverse (see running Chevy Traverse sales) came fourth with a 34 percent increase to 31,533 units, followed by the Hyundai Santa Fe in fifth with 28,526 sales, up 12 percent. Sixth place belonged to the Kia Telluride, up 23 percent to 27,190 units, followed by the Honda Pilot, up three percent to 24,704 units, and the Nissan Pathfinder sold 23,770 units last quarter, up 165 percent, outpacing the Edge. The Kia Sorento rounded out 10th place with a 13 percent increase to 20,166, and all other segment competitors posted 20,000 or fewer sales last quarter.

Sales Numbers - Midsize & Full-Size Mainstream Crossovers - Q1 2023 - USA

MODEL Q1 23 / Q1 22 Q1 23 Q1 22 Q1 23 SHARE Q1 22 SHARE
FORD EXPLORER +35.86% 58,061 42,736 12% 9%
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER -16.18% 55,344 66,026 11% 14%
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE -27.44% 54,502 75,117 11% 16%
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE +34.39% 31,533 23,464 6% 5%
HYUNDAI SANTA FE +11.51% 28,526 25,582 6% 5%
KIA TELLURIDE +23.17% 27,190 22,076 5% 5%
HONDA PILOT +2.98% 24,704 23,989 5% 5%
NISSAN PATHFINDER +164.85% 23,770 8,975 5% 2%
FORD EDGE -23.21% 20,282 26,412 4% 6%
KIA SORENTO +12.51% 20,166 17,923 4% 4%
HYUNDAI PALISADE -6.77% 19,602 21,025 4% 4%
VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS +24.28% 18,311 14,734 4% 3%
DODGE DURANGO +21.73% 17,467 14,349 4% 3%
GMC ACADIA +70.79% 15,945 9,336 3% 2%
CHEVROLET BLAZER -18.85% 15,263 18,808 3% 4%
SUBARU ASCENT +0.57% 14,782 14,698 3% 3%
NISSAN MURANO +32.34% 12,444 9,403 3% 2%
HONDA PASSPORT +9.02% 11,419 10,474 2% 2%
MAZDA CX-9 -5.99% 9,836 10,463 2% 2%
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER -24.88% 9,814 13,065 2% 3%
TOYOTA VENZA -31.10% 7,466 10,836 2% 2%
TOTAL +3.53% 496,427 479,491

From a perspective of segment share, Ford Edge sales accounted for four percent share, down two percentage points year-over-year.

Comparatively, the segment-leading Explorer claimed 12 percent share, up three percentage points, while the Highlander lost three percentage points to claim 11 percent share. The Grand Cherokee also secured an 11 percent share, down five percentage points, while the Traverse and Hyundai each claimed six percent share, each losing one percentage point. The, Telluride and Pilot both remained steady with five percent share, while the Pathfinder picked up three percentage points to also claim five percent share.

All other competitors, including the Edge, claimed less than five percent segment share each.

The Ford Authority Take

Again, the dip in Ford Edge sales last quarter is the ongoing symptom of seemingly constant supplier constraints that include, but are certainly not limited to, the ongoing microchip shortage. Ford continues to navigate a very challenging supply market in order to continue production of its products. That said, despite to sharp drop when compared to Q1 2022’s volume, the Edge did manage to outsell most of its direct rivals in the midsize two-row segment.

As previously reported, the Ford Edge is on its way out. Both the Ford Edge its corporate cousin, the Lincoln Nautilus, were expected to cease production at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada later this year, though Edge production has now been extended into early 2024. Both vehicles are built at the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant for North America. In 2020, The Blue Oval and the Canadian auto union, Unifor, reached an agreement that will see the facility will be retooled to produce five new electric vehicles starting in 2025. At this time, there is no clear timetable as to when ICE production will cease at Oakville, but a recent announcement about the EV retooling project heavily implies that it will end in Q1 2024.

Meanwhile, a next-generation Ford Edge debuted for China, but it’s currently unclear if this model will make its way to North America.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Edge sales in Q1 2022, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 75 selling days for Q1 2023 and 75 selling days for Q1 2022

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Zviera

    Nice to see the Explorer on top. Hyundai/Kia killing it in total sales again.

  2. JimO

    People do not want to buy a car that they know is being discontinued. If you do not know about cars, its normal to think that the car is being discontinued because it is not a good car. People don’t realize its just Ford being dumb again and cancelling a perfectly good car that people like.

  3. Ben

    Sales would be down if it takes several months to get a new vehicle from Ford. I have waited several months to get a new 2023 Escape. Just purchased one that came to the dealership, that they didn’t even order. Also thought about buying a 2023 Edge. Same thing, new ones not available and could take several month to order one.

    1. Anonymous

      I looked at a new 2022 Edge ST at my local Ford dealer last week. It was nice, but not $50K nice. Definitely not going to spend $50K on a known discontinued model. The dealers still have 2022s on the lots, ready for delivery. The 2023 models were slightly decontented, so a 2022 might actually be a better play despite already being one model year old at purchase. Incidentally, the new ’22 ST I looked at is still just sitting on the lot this week and was there for a couple of weeks before I looked at it. It just isn’t moving.

  4. Michael Reiter

    Another factor in declining Edge Sales might just well be the horrors of the Ecoboost 2.0L engine. Believe me the word has gotten out on social media, YouYube and such. Frankly, if I’d only known about the tragic redesign of this engine around 2015-17, we never would have bought our used 2018 Edge Titanium AWD in January 2023. I understand that the engine was redesigned again after that. But who wants to buy a vehicle from a company that designs a bad engine that consumes coolant until it fails, then leaves anyone out of warranty twisting in the wind, having to pay thousands for a replacement engine? I’ll never buy another Ford product.

  5. Kevin

    Yeah maybe cuz starting is about 40k the explorer is around 33k and larger

  6. Murray Henley

    The lease on my 2020 Edge SEL is up at the end of June. I could lease a new one if my dealer had anything on hand or in the pipeline that matches what I want. But they don’t. Only a couple of ST Line on the lot. They are not allowed to order. My dealer told me there are production problems at the Oakville factory.

  7. Lee Balou

    Most buyers don’t know it’s being discontinued, but get in one and you’ll immediately know why sales are flagging. It just feels very dated.

  8. Bronco Billy

    This is the 2nd 1st Quarter Ford vehicle sales summary Ford Authority has provided this week. Both provide US, Mexico and Columbia sales. Why Columbia? Why not Canada?


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