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Ford Escape, Edge, F-150 Available With Zero Percent APR

As Ford Authority reported last month, the 2022 Ford Mustang is currently available with a zero percent APR financing deal for qualified buyers taking advantage of a 60-month term, though it’s worth noting that 2023 model year pony cars are excluded from this deal. However, the Mustang isn’t the only Blue Oval model currently available with zero percent financing in the month of April, according to Cars Direct – a list that includes the recently-refreshed 2023 Ford Escape.

In a world with rising interest rates – along with near-record high new vehicle prices – zero percent interest rate deals are quite rare, as well as potentially lucrative for those with good credit and a desire to purchase that particular model. Those with top-tier credit can save thousands over the life of a loan by taking advantage of these deals, which apply to a trio of Blue Oval models listed here.

2023 Ford Escape

The 2023 Ford Escape was just treated to a refresh, though an early software issue caused a delay in production early this year, though things ramped back up significantly in March. Now, buyers can take advantage of a zero percent APR deal on the crossover, though it’s limited to 36-month terms only. Regardless, those opting for an Escape plug-in hybrid can also take advantage of new federal tax credits for electrified vehicles, too.

2022 Ford Edge

Though Ford Edge production in Canada is set to end in 2024, the crossover remains a good deal at the moment, particularly for those that can find a 2022 model – which qualifies for zero percent financing for 72 months, along with a $3,000 cash incentive. Additionally, the 2023 Edge is also available with zero percent financing, albeit only for 36-month terms.

2023 Ford F-150

Set to receive a refresh for the 2024 model year, the Ford F-150 remains a popular choice among buyers – as well as a pretty good deal, too, at least the XLT SuperCrew, which currently qualifies for zero percent financing across 36 months, along with $1,000 in bonus cash.

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  1. Erik G

    It looks like 2022 Explorers are available with the same financing deal, and in my area (metro Detroit), there still seems to be a ton of 2022 stock on the lots

  2. MattS

    Zero percent financing for a 2023 Escape? There are none on the lots yet. How is that possible?

  3. T

    I don’t see this promotion on Ford’s website. Can anyone provide a link?

    1. s

      it’s there. go through a build and select 36 month and it will say 0%.

  4. Swan

    Does any of this apply to orders already made?


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