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Ford Escape Sales Trail Bronco Sport, Most Rivals In Q1 2023

Ford Escape sales decreased in the United States, Argentina and Mexico during Q1 2023.

  • Note that the Escape is sold as the Kuga in various international markets.

Ford Escape Sales - Q1 2023 - United States

In the United States, Ford Escape deliveries totaled 21,149 units in Q1 2023, a decrease of about 47 percent compared to 39,962 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
ESCAPE -47.08% 21,149 39,962

Ford Escape Sales - Q1 2023 - Canada

In Canada, Ford Escape deliveries totaled 3,870 units in Q1 2023, a decrease of about 2 percent compared to 3,937 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
ESCAPE -1.70% 3,870 3,937

Ford Escape Sales - Q1 2023 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford Escape deliveries totaled 241 units in Q1 2023, a decrease of about 39 percent compared to 396 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
ESCAPE -39.14% 241 396

Ford Escape Sales - Q1 2023 - Colombia

In Colombia, Ford Escape deliveries totaled 216 units in Q1 2023.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
ESCAPE * 216 *

Ford Kuga Sales - Q1 2023 - Argentina

In Argentina, Ford Kuga deliveries totaled 3 units in Q1 2023, a decrease of about 80 percent compared to 15 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
KUGA -80.00% 3 15

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

In the first quarter of 2023, Ford Escape sales slipped 47 percent to 21,149 units, holding down 11th place in its crowded competitive segment, near the bottom.

By comparison, the segment-leading Toyota RAV4 maintained the top spot despite a 16 percent decline to 84,704 units, while the Nissan Rogue slipped into second place, up 69 percent to 76,499 sales. The Honda CR-V sold 67,241 units, up 15 percent year-over-year, and the fourth-place Chevy Equinox (see running Chevy Equinox sales) saw 52,902 deliveries, six percent in the red. The Hyundai Tucson experienced a 16 percent increase, selling 46,170 units last quarter; the sixth-best Subaru Crosstrek had an 11 percent increase to 41,562 sales, followed by the Mazda CX-5, down 24 percent to 38,727 units, and the Kia Sportage brought up eighth with a 92 percent increase to 31,684 units. The Subaru Forester placed ninth with a three percent slide to 30,408 units last quarter, while the Ford Bronco Sport outpaced the Escape in 10th, up three percent to 29,871 sales. All other segment contenders posted less than 20,000 sales on an individual basis.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream C-Segment Crossovers - Q1 2023 - USA

MODEL Q1 23 / Q1 22 Q1 23 Q1 22 Q1 23 SHARE Q1 22 SHARE
TOYOTA RAV4 -16.29% 84,704 101,192 15% 18%
NISSAN ROGUE +69.11% 76,499 45,235 13% 8%
HONDA CR-V +14.79% 67,241 58,579 12% 10%
CHEVROLET EQUINOX -5.59% 52,902 56,036 9% 10%
HYUNDAI TUCSON +16.43% 46,170 39,655 8% 7%
SUBARU CROSSTREK +10.94% 41,562 37,463 7% 7%
MAZDA CX-5 -23.54% 38,727 50,653 7% 9%
KIA SPORTAGE +92.49% 31,684 16,460 6% 3%
SUBARU FORESTER -3.03% 30,408 31,358 5% 6%
FORD BRONCO SPORT +2.69% 29,871 29,089 5% 5%
FORD ESCAPE -47.08% 21,149 39,962 4% 7%
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN +8.30% 19,747 18,233 3% 3%
GMC TERRAIN -28.13% 17,928 24,944 3% 4%
JEEP CHEROKEE +31.09% 13,213 10,079 2% 2%
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS -60.62% 1,572 3,992 0% 1%
DODGE JOURNEY -92.78% 8 111 0% 0%
TOTAL +1.84% 573,385 563,041

From a segment share standpoint, Ford Escape sales accounted for four percent share, down three percentage points year-over-year.

The RAV4 gathered 15 percent share, down three percentage points, while the Rogue gathered 13 percent share, up five percentage points, followed by the CR-V’s 12 percent share, up two percentage points. The Equinox dropped one percentage point to claim nine percent share last quarter, and the Tucson picked up one percentage point to gain eight percent share. The Crosstrek and the CX-5 both earned seven percent share, the former holding steady while the latter lost two percentage points, and the Sportage accounted for six percent share. All other contenders, including the Escape, accounted for five percent share or less each.

It is also worth noting that Ford now fields two vehicles in this segment: the Escape and the Bronco Sport. Combining sales of both models gives The Blue Oval 51,020 deliveries, good for approximately eight percent segment share. While that exceeds the four percent segment share held by the Escape alone, it still doesn’t surpass the 15 percent share held by the RAV4.

Sales Numbers - Ford Mainstream Compact Crossovers - Q1 2023 - United States

MODEL Q1 23 / Q1 22 Q1 23 Q1 22 Q1 23 SHARE Q1 22 SHARE
FORD BRONCO SPORT +2.69% 29,871 29,089 59% 42%
FORD ESCAPE -47.08% 21,149 39,962 41% 58%
TOTAL -26.11% 51,020 69,051

Overall, the mainstream C-segment crossover segment expanded two percent to 573,385 units, meaning that by comparison, Ford Escape sales severely underperformed the segment average.

The Ford Authority Take

As evidenced in the Q1 2023 results, Ford Escape sales have been in a steady decline since the launch of the fourth-generation crossover, although this cannot be entirely attributed to a lack of customer interest. As exclusively reported by Ford Authority, The Blue Oval “right-sized” Escape sales, intentionally scaling back on its production of the crossover in order to avoid excessive fleet and rental sales.

Additionally, Escape production is back on track and currently running at full capacity after a shutdown that began in February and extended through early April due to a software issue that has now been resolved. It stands to reason that as more units of the Escape begin rolling off the assembly line, its sales will also begin to increase throughout the rest of the 2023 calendar year, but only time will tell.

The refreshed 2023 Ford Escape could drive sales back into the green this year. This model brings a host of updates to the crossover, including a revamped trim level lineup that now consists of Base, Active, PHEV, ST-Line and Platinum levels. The ST-Line brings a sportier look to the crossover, including a black mesh grille, rear-wing spoiler and monochromatic exterior with matching painted surfaces. The refresh also introduced Sync 4 into the lineup.

About the Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Escape sales for Q1 2023, unless noted otherwise
  • In the United States, there were 75 selling days in Q1 2023 and 75 selling days in Q4 2022
Ford Motor Company Q1 2023 sales reports:

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  1. Murray Henley

    Experience has shown that it’s hard to sell a vehicle that is not being manufactured.

  2. Harlow P Whitcomb

    Ford isn’t the only manufacturer with 2 vehicles in the segment; the Korean twins put up sales of 77,854 in q1, just slightly behind Toyota, while GM (remember them?) sold 70,830 Equinoxes and Terrains. That’s pretty stunning considering just how bad those vehicles are.

  3. Jeff

    What good are incentives when the Escape PHEV isn’t even available. Ordered in November still not being made.

    1. Murdock.

      Ordered mine on September 24th and it started showing “in production” last Tuesday. Fingers crossed it shows “built” by the end of this week.

  4. Chris

    Can’t sell much if the production process/quality has gone down the tubes and they can’t be shipped to dealers. Makes total sense, but still just horrendous that Ford can’t figure it out when their competitors seem to be making changes to get vehicles on the road

  5. N

    I’d rather have an Escape than a Bronco Sport. It rides and handles better.

  6. Lee Balou

    Why no hybrid in the Bronco Sport??? I totally would buy one of those.


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