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Ford Escape Tips Over As Part Of Road Rage Incident: Video

Road rage incidents have become increasingly common in recent years, with stressed-out drivers making terrible decisions and letting their anger get the best of them, oftentimes with disastrous results. Over the past few months, we’ve seen these types of incidents involve more than few Blue Oval models, including a Ford F-150 driver that clipped a motorcycle on the highway and tried to run, a Ford Edge driver playing chicken with an 18-wheeler, and another F-150 driver fighting with a Chrysler 200. Now, out latest example of FoMoCo-involved road rage comes to us courtesy of Reddit, where a user recently posted a video of a Ford Escape driver making bad decisions out on the road – with disastrous results.

Ford Escape BMW 3-Series Road Rage Incident

The video begins with the driver of a BMW getting out of his vehicle after he was apparently cut off by the Ford Escape driver, at which point he returned the favor, it seems. He walks up to the driver’s side window and begins exchanging what we imagine are some not-safe-for-work phrases, pointing his finger and moving his arms around in a rather angry manner.

At this point, the Ford Escape driver has seemingly had enough, and begins to move around the stopped BMW, but the driver of that particular vehicle doesn’t give up, instead continuing to taunt the person in the crossover. When they roll their window down, the BMW driver goes so far as to spit at them, which, as one might imagine, doesn’t exactly help deescalate this situation.

Attempting to run over another driver in road rage incident
by u/rafssimmons in IdiotsInCars

Instead, the Escape driver takes off in what seems to be an attempt to run over the BMW driver, but that goes horribly wrong when the crossover starts to tip over after the front passenger side tire climbs up the German drop top. It winds up on its side, a fitting end to an unnecessary act of road rage – one where both drivers are clearly at fault in some capacity.

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  1. Raphael

    I guess the Escape driver didn’t know how to “Escape” his own rage.


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