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Ford Exec Says 2024 Model Year Vehicles Will Be Less Complex

Ford CEO Jim Farley has made it clear in recent months that he believes the automaker’s current ICE lineup is far too complex, which is at least partially to blame for the company’s disappointing 2022 financial performance. This is crucial as Ford Blue – the automaker’s ICE division – is expected to continue to generate big profits while FoMoCo grows its Model e EV business, while also cutting $8 billion in costs to make up a wide gap between it and its competitors. A simplified vehicle lineup is one way to help accomplish that goal, which will apparently happen as soon as the 2024 model year, according to Ford exec Jim Baumbick, vice president, product development operations and quality.

“There is no doubt that we are on a mission and you’re going to see it with the 2024 model year,” the Ford exec said while speaking at the 2023 Bank of America Automotive Summit. “Some dramatic reductions in complexity that we’re offering the customer. The reality is that it’s gotten too complex and what I love about derivatives is that when we find something that we know is going to resonate, they have to fight to get it in because the net reduction has to continue over time. What I think you’ll start to see is we’re going to find very discreet spaces, almost like vehicle configuration that you order versus the historical way of ordering vehicles. We’re going to learn as we simplify but offer these really bespoke derivatives that customers can choose from to make reductions over time.”

Baumbick is referring to things like trim levels and option packages, but it’s possible that he’s also talking about different configurations, as well as mechanical features. For example, the redesigned 2023 Ford Super Duty is now only available with four-wheel drive across the entire lineup – save for the entry-level XL trim – which is one way to reduce complexity.

Meanwhile, FoMoCo has a handful of refreshed and redesigned products debuting for the 2024 model year that could very well fit into the scope of what Baumbick is referring to. That includes the all-new, next-generation Ford Ranger, the refreshed Ford Explorer, and the refreshed Ford F-150.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Why not monetize the potential by streamlining core offering packages while still allowing customers who want them to pay a bespoke configuration fee to include precisely what a buyer does and does not want? It’s hardly a new concept.

  2. CWJ

    Not a good move.for FORD…..being able to order a FORD truck…Your Way…was one reason they were number one….Making them and limiting options…There Way…and most time the most expensive ones are keep….will not work…..GM sells more pickups than Ford…when GMC is added….and Ford needed to update there F 150…it looks dated…the oldest truck before a restyle….they loose more market share….

    1. Davido50

      The F150 is best selling truck for good reason. It works the best , best tech & looks great. Don’t mess w/success!

  3. Bill

    I just bought a 2022 f150 which love the looks paid 70000.00 and I can’t use it because it’s to compplated to use from nav to towing.

    1. Davido50

      It’s all bout the tech. Takes a few wks to learn but you will appreciate how smart it is. Wise purchase!

  4. Drew Ford Retiree

    Restricting choice is not akin to simplifying. The SuperDuty still has engineered, procured, and stocked both 4×2 and 4×4 components/parts. Ford just forced a 4×4 premium (price and fuel inefficiency) on southern flat landers. Foo foo trims have run amok and should be simplified, but a choice of functional items should be preserved to satisfy a diverse truck market.

    Does Ford own the market for stupid “Jim’s”?

  5. Bob Dobson

    Of course the new trucks will be less complicated, they continue to delete technology options every week. An F150 with no heated steering wheel, no navigation, no pedestrian alert, no back up camera, is for sure less complicated.

    Unfortunately the end is near and the once dominant F150 is about to get overtaken by better more advanced product. Sorry Jim your delusional.

  6. David Dickinson II

    Marketing spin. Ford is going to charge you more for fewer options.

    Overall, it has become clear that Ford no longer cares about the individual consumer. They care about the commercial customers under Ford Pro, and they care about getting free government money with Model E, but the average American that has made Ford great is getting the driveshaft up the tailpipe.

  7. Lurch

    The Bronco Sport and the Escape are the same vehicle. Do buyers really want both? The crossover field has too many vehicles about the same size: it’s like the manufacturers are throwing them all against the wall to see what sticks, and Chevy and Hyundai/Kia are actually worse than Ford in that regard.

  8. Tim weyand

    Hopefully through Ford’ Racing also Work Trucks . Quality through Configurations.Of Frames Materials Tolerances .Where too place for Weight Distribution. Will help. Many Variables too make this work. The Quality which alot of Ford’s do have and Longevity.. My And my Dad’s Freinds. One a 1969 3/4 Ton Long Bed 2 Wheel Drive truck Twin I Beam . Weighed with load and Camper on top on scales close too 17000 lbs towing together . Truck towed his 1968 302 CIDisplacemrnt Bronco for Mooses Canada Hunting . USA Elk Black Tail Deer Hunting Hunting evt Many Trips . While at 150 000 miles that Aluminum Fiber timing Gear gave up. Think was a 5 Speed Manual Transmission. Timing Gear gave out. Had basically a 17000 lb load . When it did this. The Machinist. Minimal Valve damage or heads on that 390 V 8 Engine . Absolutely no Cylinder wear the Machinist was Impressed. Hopefully This is works through Ford Racing also Carroll Shelby’s . Too the Consumer again. As now it does . But Ford and other makes all get better

  9. Tim weyand

    Oh yes got that F250 up and Running towing a 1974 Sea Ray with 6 Cylinder think were 250 cubic inch Displacement Chevys needed both too Plane that set up Used as a Fishing Boat . That repair done in 1978 . So that F250 1969 lLong Bed 390 CID did that 149000 too 150000 miles less then 10 years say again Hope Ford Racing Development in all types and Working Ford Development Construction Rescue war Police Fire First Said Ford Vehicle s . Get this as in Shelby and much before


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